When I searched Twitter on wikipedia, I found that the Twitter is extensively covered on the site. Wikipedia currently contains pages such as: Twitter, Twitter subpoena, Twittering Machine, Twitterific, Twitter usage, Twitter Joke Trial, Twitterfall, Twitter Power, Twitter Markup Language, and Twitter for iPhone. After searching through several of the pages, I wasn’t sure what or where to add. Additionally, the main Twitter wikipedia page is locked, so I was unable to add information to that page. I decided to make my contribution to the page dedicated to Social Networking Service.

After reading the first paragraph on the page, previous contributors discussed the concept of online communities and how social networking services are actually more individual-centered. I felt it was important to bring up Wellman’s concept of “networked invidualism,” since it broadly applies to all types of social networking services, especially Twitter. I even added a citation that links to Wellman’s wikipedia page where it talks about “networked individualism” and similar concepts.

Here’s what I added to the page:

A social network service better represents networked individualism. Networked individualism refers to the idea that loose egocentric social networks are based around the individual and the individual’s identity and works to connect friend circles together [1]. Social networking sites allow individual users to share ideas, activities, events, photos and interests within their individual networks.

And here’s what the Social Networking Service page looks like now:





Second Life: Linden Realms

I arrived at Linden Realm  after passing through the portal (as seen in picture above). I followed the turquoise arrows until I reached the arch and stepped through. It said 5 other people were currently in this realm, but when I landed there I did not see anyone else. The first instructions I was given was to “Find Tyrah’s workshop in the basecamp, and walk inside.”  I began to walk to the basecamp which was straight ahead. As you can see in the picture it is on the right. There was a little arrow on the way to that pointed to the basecamp, so I knew I was on the right path.

After arriving in the basecamp the next instructions popped up. They said “collect a red, orange, and yellow crystal.” There were people already in the basecamp doing the same activity as I was doing. I decided to start a conversation with people in the basecamp asking if anyone knew how to collect the crystals. After asking three different people, someone finally answered me. However, their answer did not help because they were unaware how to play as well.

Next to the five colored crystals on the top of the page is a question mark. I clicked the question mark which linked me to a URL that answered questions about Linden Realm.







I searched the site and learned that the display that gave me directions is actually called the “Heads Up Display.” I also learned that it is possible to be killed in this game. One of the frequently asked questions is “I’m suddenly somewhere different, what just happened?” The answer they give is “You were just “killed” in the game by one of the hazards (like a rock monster, toxic water, or a fireball).” Because I was scared to be killed and the question I was looking for was not one of the frequently asked questions I decided to leave the realm and head to another destination. There was one FAQ that I found useful….

“How do I report bugs, give feedback or make comments?

Please submit bug reports and other feedback at Please do not use Jira to report bugs.”

Heres my feedback and comment… HOW DO I PLAY THE GAME?



Second Life Update

“Update” in the title does not refer to me updating you guys on my Second Life adventures. It literally means update. Today when I tried to open Second Life to explore more worlds, I had to update the software I have been using. When I opened up the program and attempted to type in my username and password, a message popped up that read “Software Needs to be Updated. Second Life must restart in order to update the software.” I was really angry because whenever I update anything on my computer it takes a good 15 minutes before I can use the application again. The computer usually needs to check for all available updates, than prepare computer for updates, than download new software and a few other steps that I do not really understand, but all involve that slow moving bar, and lastly restart the entire computer. I was expecting a long process so I pulled out my iPad and began to play “Words with Friends.” Before I could even add one word to the board, I am usually very quick with the games, the upload was complete. Unfortunately, I had to put my games on hold and get back to Second Life.

The program automatically reopened and a window (image below) popped up that read “Display settings have been set to recommended levels because of change to the rendering subsystem.” I had zero clue what that meant.

There was a new aspect of the home page that caught my eye. It is called Linden Realms. There was a scrolling picture on the homepage that promoted and explained Linden Realms. It explained the Linden Realms is a new game inside Secon Life where you “complete quests, find adventure, and earn currency.” I debated whether that would be my new stop in Second Life because I thought it would be fun to play games. I was a little hesitant to try it because I still do not understand Second Life fully but I figured it was worth a shot.

I clicked on “Select to set as your starting location” from the picture above and it advised me that I would be teleported there once I log in.

WoW Presentation Questions

Hey All,

I was thinking about how I play WoW, and how I’ve been making posts on the course blog, but I haven’t really discussed my interactions with other players and how they game, which is what this short post will be about.

Of the other players in WoW I have encountered, I can identify at least three different types: beginner, casual, and hardcore.

Beginners are the noobs who are still trying to figure things out, so their skill level is relatively low. The amount of time they dedicate can range from only 30 minutes a day to 8 hours a day. They play mostly for the gaming experience since they may not have many online friends when they first join. Once beginners reach an intermediate level, they either become hardcore or casual gamers.

Casual players have most of WoW figured out and play for the enjoyment of the social or gaming experience. Casual players play on average less than 3 hours a day, often not everyday of the week. I definitely fit into this category.

Hardcore players have mastered the skills of WoW. They can play anywhere from 1 hour-12 hours per day, and often marathon for up to 24 hours straight. Hardcore players are mostly just obsessed with the game for either the social or interactive experience, but some hardcore gamers play WoW for supplemental income by leveling other peoples’ characters in exchange for money. Hardcore players are also more competitive; they not only quest, but play in realms that are for player versus player (PvP) action – the battle mode of WoW which reflects on a player’s gaming record.

Here are some questions to think about for the interactive media presentation tomorrow:

– how do games like WoW and WWF (words with friends) blur the line between the self and the virtual self?

– how can the depth of play in WoW relate to its user base? Think about race, gender, class, etc., and how aspects of WoW might carry over into RL (real life).

Thanks for reading!

Words With Friends Progress + Questions

As my gameplay has progressed, I have been interacting more with people I have not talked to in a while. I recently started new games with facebook friends who I have not spoken to in a while. The chatbox was very useful to catch up with eachother. The different ways to connect to people creates this community. Words With Friends is so interactive that many who do not play can feel left out of this community. My best friend is not very good at words with friends and therefore hates playing it. She always says how she wishes she could like the game because she feels left out. This is one way how Words With Friends can be proven to have its own community now.

Another thing I decided to look at was the ways people could cheat when playing Words With Friends. I actually found out that there is an app you can download that looks exactly like Words With Friends but helps you come up with words to beat your opponents. I have yet to download this game since it costs 1.99 and I do not like cheating. I have been informed that you will not realize when this app is being used. There are also many websites that can help people cheat with this game. People have become so competitive that cheating is the solution for them to win. This makes this game a little unethical.

Here is an example of an online source that can help you cheat:

Questions for my project:

  • Do you think Words With Friends would have been just as successful if it was just a pass and play game?
  • Have you seen anyone interact socially over Words With Friends?
  • Do you think that Words With Friends has created its own little community out of this network game?

Social News Sites– Decline in Actual News?

Top 7 Stories on Reddit

For my practicum presentation, I decided to explore my previously unchartered territory of social news sites. These news aggregates, such as Reddit, Digg, Delicious,, Fark, etc., let the people chose the information and content they think is most important for other users to see.

This mode of Internet production and consumption gives the power to the average person, which eliminates personal and corporate agendas, while increasing transparency. In theory, this sounded  like a great idea before I got started doing my research. After many hours spent perusing these websites, I have concluded that it is still a unique, helpful, and beneficial mode of Internet “produsing,” however, there are a few implications with its actualization.

For example, I began to notice that entertainment, humor, news, and news commentary all started to become intertwined. While users can choose to enter subreddits (/r/) or specific newsrooms on Digg, the front page is a culmination of whatever the most users find most interesting. I struggle with this because while having the authroty to chose the news is  empowering, there is something to be said for education value of pure news. Stories can also be dense with political bias and incorrect information.

Stemming back to the public television debates from a few years back, people need to know what is going on in the world, but are they interested? What are the ethical implications of that? Will young adults begin reaching out to these kinds of websites to get their news, or has it already happened? What would be the consequence of that?

Real time example: you can see my top 7 “news stories” on Reddit and six of them are entertainment. SOPA legislation slips quietly into the seventh spot.


Consumer Review Questions

My practicum is on Amazon reviews and here are some amazing, mind blowing questions related to it!

How much value should we put on consumer reviews?

Is it reliable to read a strangers opinion of a product or place?

How much personal information should be given in these review site?

Does knowing a person’s real name and location make their recommendations more reliable?

What are the benefits and problems with Amazon’s consumer reviews?