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To be honest, I have never visited hulu!  While I know many people watch all their TV shows using it, I cant stand watching TV or Movies on my laptop!  So, I really only visit youtube when someone sends me a funny clip.  For purposes of this blog though, I searched my all time favorite clip on both youtube and hulu.  While it showed up on youtube, it did not on hulu!

My favorite video is of Sophia Grace and her hype girl Rosie singing “Super Bass” on the Ellen show.  While the Ellen show has a “channel” on both youtube and hulu, I was surprised that that the clip wasnt on her channel on hulu, but was on youtube.  The only thing remotely close to the clip on hulu was an interview Russel Brand gave where he talked about Sophia and Rosie.

Why the clip is on ellen’s youtube channel and not hulu I may never know… but I think I will stay with youtube.


Hulu vs. Youtube

I spend quiet a bit of time on both of these sites. I find the main difference in terms of how i use these sites is that I visit Y to watch funny clips or find a music video or something, whereas i watch full TV shows on Hulu. I chose to compare to clips for the blog. On Youtube i watched Jennifer Lopez’s new fiat commercials. On Hulu I watched a clip from Fox’s new comedy the New Girl. On both the sites you have the option to ‘like’ the content you are watching. You can also copy the embed code to share a video from either one of the sites. On Youtube you can see how many people have viewed the site but i could not find that on Hulu. I have only had to deal with ads on Youtube when the video is a Vivo video. If i try to watch a full TV show on Hulu, at the beginning of the clip a message pops up allowing you to pick which ad to watch or fill or a survey etc, to avoid further commercials during the show. I think that’s a nice addition that you can pick your ads. I think overall the look of Hulu seems more professional. I definitly rely on it for more legitimate content than YouTube. Both sites add a nice feature of recommending videos to you and I normally always click on them. I like how Hulu shows you an entire episode and season list for the show you are watching and gives you an option between full episodes or clips. Both Youtube and Hulu feel like legitimate sites to me to view or stream content. Sometimes however Youtube can have clips or videos titled certain things and you cannot always trust that they are accurate. I think you can trust Hulu to provide you with the right content though.

Do You Hulu?

For this blog I chose to compare the exact same music video, first on Hulu, then on Youtube, and then finally on Vevo. The video for this project was LCD Soundsystem’s video for “Someone Great” .

First, I thought Hulu was infuriating due to the excess of commercials. I had to sit through thirty seconds of commercial at the begining and end of a four minute long video. That’s twenty percent of my time learning about some Black Friday bullshit that I couldn’t care less about. On other videos around Hulu, such as the Radiohead documentary “Meeting People Is Easy,” when ever I would move my mouse slightly forward in the video or if I wanted to go back and watch a part I already had, I would get slammed with another commercial. The quality of the video’s picture and sound was very crisp though, which was Hulu’s strongest point.

Secondly I looked at “Someone Great” on Youtube. No commercials past the little one I had to X at the bottom of the video. Nothing popped up when I would move around from part of the video to the other. The quality of sound and image was lower, but not that much lower. Something I personally would sacrifice in order for some peace from the ever present commercial. A bridge between the two was Vevo, which came up as well through my search on YouTube. The quality of image and picture was almost that of Hulu and it contained a commercial which I was allowed to skip after suffering for a couple seconds.

Personally, I’ll sacrifice quality of image in sound and go with as little commercials as I possibly can. What YouTube has going for it as well was the fact that it seemed so much democratic, less plutocratic. Not just anyone is allowed to post on Hulu, only those with some dough – meaning a higher likely hood that physical qualities of the video would be higher due to the fact that it cost some money to do. But what’s great about YouTube is that it allows anyone to post what ever they want, in what ever quality they want. YouTube also contains it’s own answer to “Hulu,” Vevo, which is still open for high quality uploads as well as less commercials, abet some. I think I’m sticking with the ‘Tube.

-Peter Charles Allen

Hulu vs. YouTube

While both Hulu and YouTube are competitors, fighting to be recognized as the internet’s best website for streaming videos, I’ve never used Hulu before. And, while I have visited YouTube many times, I would not say that I frequent it. YouTube is a great source to look up funny clips about which there circulates a lot of buzz, and it’s also a fantastic outlet for streaming music videos. However, very rarely do I “watch” these videos, as I’m usually simply interested in listening to a particular song that I’ve yet to download.

I suppose a major difference between Hulu and YouTube is that the amount of time spent on YouTube per a single visit is much shorter than a visit to Hulu. Most Hulu users log on to stream TV shows and the like, whereas YouTube users are more likely interested in streaming videos with a 10 minute (or less) duration.

Also, Hulu’s “look” is far more professional than YouTube, and despite the fact that each website sports a white background, Hulu’s overall apparance is cleaner than its rival’s site.

Hulu vs YouTube

Unlike most college students I spend relatively no time on either YouTube or Hulu. I primarily use Hulu to watch TV shows that I have missed during the week, and the only time I am ever on YouTube is when a friend or someone has a video that they want to show me.  I really did not know where to even start to even look for videos to compare to complete this assignment either, so I basically focused on the limited elements that I know about each site.

On Hulu I went to the popular clips tab that is located at the bottom of the home screen. I have never used this before because as I mentioned earlier I only use this sites to watch full episodes of my favorite shows. One of the first clips that came up was a song mash up that was done on Glee of two Adele songs, so I decided to watch this. Once on YouTube there was a much greater variety of types of clips that one could chose from (this was the first main difference that I noticed between the two websites). I could chose from music, sports, entertainment, news and politics, and many many more. YouTube offers clips on literally anything and everything that is taking place in everyday life and on literally any topic, while on the other hand Hulu solely focuses on television programming and clips from that. After being overwhelmed on YouTube I decided to view a comedy clip since I feel as if these are the types of clips that so many people actually use YouTube for. I watched a clip of a man on a skateboard trying to do tricks and just falling and having insane wipe outs every time he tried to do a trick. That is when I noticed another difference, even just browsing through the clips. Most of the videos that are on YouTube also seem to be homemade and produced by the every day person and then uploaded onto the site. In this way YouTube is more user friendly as people are free to post whatever they want onto the website.

Hula vs. Youtube

I was extremely Unfamiliar with Hula when I first logged on. I think I used to use in Highschool to watch the OC but other than that I do not think I have used it. On the contrary, I use Youtube daily whether it be watching music videos, funny clips, TV shows I have missed etc.

So I went to Hula and was really surprised to figure out that I actually had used the site a lot before but I had forgotten. Last year for my Public Opinion class my group and I had to code hundreds of TV episodes that were current as well as old. I remember being very surprised on how many shows I was able to find and the episodes were almost archived onto the site. So Hula was a great place to find  full episodes of shows listed in order all in one place.

On the other hard, Youtube is my “go to” video site. I just find it to be really fast, its just like google, if you type in even part of the word it knows what video you are searching for. When I Youtube a video it not only brings up the show but it brings up other shows seasons as well as many episodes of the shows. The episodes usually come in any order so thats where Youtube differs with Hula. Overall I just found Hula to be more formal and more reliable when doing research over Youtube.

The Man vs The People

Before this assignment, I had never used Hulu in my life. I had known the basics about it, but never had a reason to use it. The Show I ended up watching was a new episode of The Simpsons entitled “The Food Wife” (It was actually a pretty funny episode, confirming the rumor that the show is getting back to being good).  Along with the show I was “treated” to ads for beer, cars, and a extremely bad looking new sitcom.  I think the episode was interrupted 3 or 4 times, with the terrible looking new series making up a majority of the commercials. The image quality was great and the video ran smoothly. Read the rest of this entry »