Googling Myself

I honestly thought I wouldn’t appear on google search results because I try to keep my Facebook, twitter, and other social media sites on “lock down”. However, I did show up on google search. The third hit was from white pages, and thank goodness it only listed the city I live in. The 5th hit though makes me really nervous actually.
I serve as secretary for the UW Madison College Republicans, and I had no idea that I was on the website, let alone showing up on google’s search.
Its sad that I am so worried about something like this, but given the political climate in madison, and also the nation, I don’t like that the public is made aware.
I suppose I should find out who is in charge of this website, and perhaps do some editing!
Also, to my surprise there are apparently 245,000 “Anne Sickels”, something which surprised me because I feel that I have an uncommon last name.


Too Many Peter’s On The Dance Floor

It had been a while since I took a look at what was popping up after my name had been punched into the ever omnipresent Google. Here’s what I found…

First off, I typed just my first and last name, Peter Allen. This ended up leading to more or less what I figured would turn up. I found this rather colorful man.  You don’t get Hugh Jackman to star in a Tony winning musical about you if you weren’t somebody noteworthy. Catchy tune don’t ya think? Elton John and Liberace have nothing on this boy’s maracas in my humble opinion, (I wonder why he ended up divorced to Liza Minnelli – ha!) It’s really sad he had a tragic end during the eighties AIDS epidemic. I think I’ve finally come to peace with the “Boy from Oz,” even if he is an Australian. I wonder what the world would be like if he were here today…

Upon searching Google with my middle name included, Peter Charles Allen – three first names, pretty cool, eh? – I  found a lot more stuff that was reflective of who I am. First up was my music myspace that I haven’t updated in about two years – good to see my tunes still sound fine. Second was a Wiki of some old (English) footballer who didn’t much more than show up to a lot of games. Then come both my personal Facebook and my Twitter accounts. Next I found some listings of an old show I played with James Apollo & Conrad Plymouth, who are both fine songwriters worth checking out. Next came my listing at WSUM 91.7 FM for my Live Band Coordinator position at the radiostation with an incorrect e-mail (gotta go fix that tonight.) Digging deeper, I stumbled on an article I had written for Emmie Magazine about my trip to Primavera Sound Music Festival as well as my Bandcamp site.

All in all, guess I’m gonna have to run with the three first names if I want people to find my music easier. There’s no competing with one of the most fabulous and flamboyant personalities ever to come from south of the Equator.

-Peter Charles Allen, signing out.

My Google Image

Nervous for what I would find, I googled myself with the anticipation of actually finding information about myself. I know I’m visible online because of various student organization pages and other activities, but I also have a pretty uncommon name; so, there probably would not be too many other results for a “Margie Papa” other than myself. To my surprise, there were 4,450,000 results and while most of them were me, there are several other Margie Papas in the world.

The first two things that came up were a Facebook account, surprisingly not mine. After that, my Google+ account came up third. This irritated me because I tried making myself unsearchable multiple times on that website, but as we know, Google is pretty persistent. It even says that “I shared this.” No. I definitely did not. My twitter account popped up next and then my LinkedIn account, followed by another LinkedIn account that is not mine as well as my followers/people I follow’s twitter accounts.

The next few results are humorous: random episodes of an old television show called “My Little Margie,” a common nickname in my childhood.

I then found what I expected to see. As the Executive Director of Promotions and Sales for Mu Kappa Tau Honorary Marketing Society, the MKT page came up on the first page of results, which I was elated to see as I helped create it last year. You could access my picture, my position description and a short biography.

After three more pages of “My Little Margie” reruns, my results from previous figure skating competition scoring and ranking came up in the results, which I was expecting. But RootsWeb also came back, a website to trace one’s heritage. My family is from Italy, so while I was surprised to see someone has been tracing my roots, I’m not all that surprised.

It is definitely creepy and almost annoying how much information Google has about you; I was surprised to not see this blog!

Google me

I had never actually Googled myself in the past and I was half surprised and half not surprised with what I found. The search turned up 5,690,000 results and the first result surprised me. The first result after googling Lindsey Donovan was for Lindsey Donovan photography from Vancouver. I looked at some of the pictures from Lindsey Donovan photography and they were actually really good.

The rest of the results were pretty much expected, my Twitter and Facebook accounts came up. I saw a couple results for Linkedin but that could not have been mine because I do not have a Linked in account. Since my results were somewhat boring, I then chose to search for “Lindsey Donovan, MN” because I am from Minnesota. The results then brought up articles about Minnesota Vikings player, Donovan McNabb and Lindsay Lohan. Though these were a little more entertaining they had nothing to do with me. Overall, I did not find anything out of the norm.

Wait, I’m on youtube?

Ok, so like many of you,when I googled myself I fully expected to find no real information on myself. And when I googled “Joe Goad”, that was largely true. Google kept on trying to correct my search by adding Tattoo artist, which I am not. There was a facebook page, but it wasn’t mine. So far, so good. I went through a few pages without finding a trace of myself (mostly it was others with my name that popped up) until I saw a link for peekyou, which is apparently a service that takes every other service like facebook and twitter and gives all the Joe Goads on them. This is false advertising, as my beautiful visage did not show up. Read the rest of this entry »

My Google Identity

This assignment was interesting because I have never googled myself before…and I was pretty surprised to find what I did. First, while I was typing my name into the google search bar, the name Olivia Granata started to appear and showed a bunch of links to her facebook, myspace, etc. But once I typed my name I found several links that were directly associated with me. The first three links were to Twitter—to my own twitter page, a group list that I am on, and a list of people who follow me.

Then there was a link to a site called MyLife, which I’ve never even heard of but it listed my name next to my hometown. I clicked the link and it listed my name, hometown and age. I found this extremely creepy and pervasive. There was also a WhitePages link to someone named Barbara Coronato, which was weird because that is my mother’s first name, but the last name was not relevant. It listed me and my dad as the “associated people” under the link. However, when I clicked the link the webpage didn’t feature my name or my parents’ names, so I was confused as to why this page was one of the first few ones linked to my name on Google. The next link really surprised me; it was my grandma’s obituary from 2003, and while my name was obviously listed in it, I never personally saw it online. The link to my introduction entry on this blog was also listed, as well as a Chicago Sun Times story that included my name along with others in my hometown area who made the 2011 deans list at our respective colleges. But the more I kept clicking through the Google results pages, the more I found irrelevant links somehow linked to my name or parents’ names.

Overall, I was shocked at how much of my personal information is on the internet. I always protect my privacy on social network sites, but it clearly isn’t enough. I never realized how much information makes it on the internet and is available for anyone to see. This was a great example to see how the internet clearly blurs boundaries between private and public information.

My Name Twin

I Googled “Arielle Lever” and about 5,400,000 results were found. The first result was a Facebook page for Arielle Lever. I was excited to click on it and be brought to my page, but just my luck it was another Arielle Lever. There were also a few articles on and a LinkedIn for my name twin. There were two results for me on the first page of Google, first my twitter and second a search service. So, instead of searching through Google to find anything about me I decided to learn about my name twin. Some things I found at first glance is she is from New York City, she graduated from Syracuse, she majored in Acting, and was Anne Frank in “The Diary of Anne Frank.” I decided to read an article about her from “iNSIDER Baltimore Jewish Lifestyles” and realized we have more in common then just our names.

Here is the article:

I was actually a little freaked out. First, we are both from New York. Second, she went to Syracuse and both my parents went to Syracuse. Third, which is probably the most frightening, Rochelle Eisenberg wrote the article I posted above. This brings our creepy twin thing to a new level because my mom works in the New Rochelle school district and her maiden name is Eisenberg. I was able to figure out so much about her life and all of our similarities after only viewing her Facebook page and reading one article about her. All of this got me thinking about how easy it was for me to gather information about a complete stranger and in turn how easy it would be for someone to gather information about me. I think privacy is an issue on the Internet and this proves to me that there needs to be more restrictions.