When I google Lily Donnellon I find a few things related to the real me. The first is my LinkedIn profile. The next is a blog i had to do for a previous class as well as my facebook profile. The second link that shows up when googling ‘Lily Donnellon’ is about me as well. A few years ago there was a delivery service that got busted for delivering alcohol to underage students. They had to make a police report of every delivery and my name is on there. That is not really something to be proud of and be the 2nd thing to come up when googling myself. The next link is a picture of me at a Lakers game which is cool. There is also a link about someone following me on twitter as well as a list of people who graduated from my high school. The first link on the next page is this blog! Those are really the only things that are related to me on google. The rest of the search results refer to a number of other people with the last name Donnellon, but arent anyone i know of. On the 3rd page there is a facebook link of someone who made a group because they had lost their phones and needed phone numbers. So my name and number comes up there which is a little creepy to me. Besides that majority of things that show up when you google my name are things I was aware of making public. Like my twitter, facebook, linkedin and blogs. However the state of Madison police report is something i unfortunately cannot remove. Also picture I have on those profiles come up when you google image my name, which im not so comfortable with.



Having never visited the site before, I would say that Chatroulette lived up to all previous info I heard about it.  While home this weekend, I was helping my mom set up her new desktop, and decided to just spend my 5 minutes on the site then and there… that was a mistake.

With no gate or enforcer, the site is basically a “free for all”, and honestly quite scary.  After seeing vulgar images (mainly of men might I add) I decided to research the sites origins.  I found it was invented by a teen in Russia (perhaps this explains the perverted nature) and that the site actually has 3 settings options: one being under 18 and or no nudity shown, another being over 18 and ok with seeing nudity, and the last being over 18, ok with seeing nudity and perhaps being nude too.

I am not sure how the site regulates those options, but based on what I saw, which was the under 18 and no nudity setting (default setting), no one was following those rules.  I really hope that the inventors intentions were something other than what Chatroulette has become, but I honestly cant see how anyone could think this wouldnt happen.  Its sad that the world has come to this, and uses the internet and this site as an arena for perverted people to gather and act repulsively.  This fully embodies the idea of moral panic as discussed in lecture this week- this site is a parents worst nightmare!

Because the internet and this site in particular are free with no boundaries, parents need to enforce internet rules for their young children, and provide positive, healthy structures for when interacting with the internet.


I have never done chatroulette before, and after tonight I doubt I every will again. My title is a bit misleading, for I actually didn’t come across any dicks thanks to the “no nudity” setting I switched to. I did meet a few pricks though. Most simply insulted my appearance, gave me the finger, or questioned my sexuality then clicked next. I got a few bizarre alien/pig/Lion King with Benny Hill music cams, along with ads for sexroullette. The two semi-decent conversations I had were awkward and felt pointless, and that’s generally what the entire experience was. Awkward and pointless. It may be possible to meet people of worth on this site, but the vast majority are just horny, lonly dudes being creepy. Not what I’d call a good time.

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I decided to check out Chatroulette because I have never been on the site before and I was interested to see what it was all about. Here’s what I was expecting. Penises. Creepy men. Annnnd that’s pretty much it.

So I settled down on the couch with my roommate and roll of cookie dough and our journey began. I noticed first off how many men there were. I rarely saw a girl come up on the screen. We didn’t talk to anyone for the first few minutes and just immediately nexted for fear of seeing something that we didn’t want to see.

Finally though, our sugar high kicked in (from the cookie dough) and we decided to be brave and talk to people. Most people that we talked to were foreign, commonly from Venezuela, Brazil, and Italy. We played a few games of tic tac toe with people because you can use the mouse to write on the screen. Turns out people from Venezuela cheat at tic tac toe though, so watch out for them.

We talked to one guy from Brazil for quite a long time, relatively, and we interviewed him about chatroulette. He said that he goes on at night when he can’t sleep. I told him my hesitations with the site as it is know for nudity and creepy people. He told me about the new safety features which filters (or at least tries to) out nudity if you prefer not to see it. I was very thankful for this helpful tip and quickly switched over my  safety preferences, which seem to function very well.

Overall, my experience with Chatroulette was much more enjoyable than I anticipated it to be. I do not think I will use the site again, however, it was interesting to experience.


MySpace: The virtual home of child predators?

It is widely believed that the social networking site MySpace caters to thirteen-year-old whores and child predators. As a young teenager, my parents did not allow me to have a MySpace profile, as they too held firm to this belief. While exploring fifteen random MySpace profiles, my goal was to determine whether or not there was much truth behind this lingering conviction. The first profile I visited belonged to a girl, supposedly eighteen years old, who looked no older than a pre-teen. Her profile was public and free for me to view. There were several photographs of her in which her excessive cleavage was the central focus. It was these photos that received more attention than the rest, as each one displayed an outrageous amount of “views.” I explored a similar, also public profile next, one which belonged to a young girl who looked like she was barely out of elementary school. Although she had not posted any racy pictures of herself, a young man (who appeared to be much older than her) had posted a comment to her profile. He was hoping that they could become friends and had “juss thought [he] would show some love.” It was very obvious that the pair were not personally acquainted with each other.

All the profiles I viewed were discovered after I clicked on the “Browse” tab. I found it interesting that the default browse-setting was set to search for females between the ages of 18 and 35.

Although I do believe that pre-teens and young teens are very much in the dark when it comes to the dangers of publishing pictures of themselves and their personal information on the internet, I don’t believe that such behavior is limited to MySpace. Any social networking site may act as an outlet for young people to attract attention from older internet users – with possible wicked intentions. The internet itself, not strictly MySpace, is a marketplace for predators.

It is more important that parents, teachers, role models, older siblings, etc. teach our country’s youth about the dangers of the internet, rather than forbidding the use of a specific social networking site.


I chose to visit Chatrouletee, and after doing so I wish I would have chosen a different site. Prior to visiting the site, the only things I had heard about the site was what my little brother and his friends who are in high school told me. They would either tell me the vulgar things they would experience while on the site or  claim they just were chatting with a celebrity. After hearing their stories I was somewhat scared to check out the site, and after actually doing it my intuitions were correct. I only was on the Chatroulette for a short while and I found it to be creepy. These are the reasons why parents and sites should limit some of the content, especially if the site allows kids to view it. If more parents actually knew about this website and their kids using it I can totally see how it would cause a moral panic. The site should defiantly have a rating system or something on it so that kids can chat with one another and limit the possibilities of  viewing nudity or hearing vulgar language. Overall, I thought the site was creepy.


I have to say me and my friends definitly experienced with chatroulette when it first came out  afew years ago. Its arguably the creepiest website on the interet and these past 5 minutes were not easy. I find myself switching from the next to the next video chat session because i would say ninety percent of the people on this site are perverts. Occasionally there seemed to be a group of friends just on the site to get a good laugh out of it, similar to how me and my friends first approached the site. Its crazy to think how its ok to just video chat any random person on the web just via this one website. There used to be so many parental controls on things like AOL or other sites that were popular when we were growing up, but now you can just be exposed to anyone in the world by tpying in a a url. I kept myself out of the eye of the camera for the most part and had my hands over my eyes to make sure it was not something disgusting. I ran into quiet a few guidos with their shirts off and sunglasses. Its actually hilarious to think people just sit on this site all day waiting for someone to chat with. It is clearly the type of website that would have parents in a panic. In terms of the discourse around moral panic, chatroullete is a clear example of it. Although some peopel may perceive chatroullete as the most threatening thing on the web, its a parents job to create boundaries for children on the internet.