Hi, I’m Brandon

Hello my name is Brandon Bensen. I’m a senior at Madison studying Communication Arts with an emphasis on film, and Computer Sciences. I’m from Minnesota and had lived there until I came to Madison in 2007. I have three older sisters and two nieces and two nephews. I enjoy scuba diving, video games, and spending ridiculous amounts of time online. I’m living alone this year for the first time ever, as my girlfriend has graduated and has gotten a job elsewhere. This leaves me doing dishes, which I hate, and my own cooking, which isn’t so bad. As well as all the other household duties that were mine in the past.


Hello, I’m Margie!

Hey guys! My name is Margaret Papa, but everyone calls me Margie. Sadly, I’m a senior here at UW-Madison majoring in Communication Arts and French. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas but moved to Victoria, Minnesota in middle school. I have two younger brothers, one of which is a baby freshman badger! I love to figure skate and play volleyball, but I am also on the executive board for Mu Kappa Tau Marketing Club; you should all join! I am not a fan of cooking or scary movies. I studied abroad last semester in Paris and had the time of my life. However, it’s back to reality and I’m excited to learn all about the internet! Hopefully I can figure out this whole blog situation relatively quickly; I cannot figure out how to post a picture for the life of me so I apologize for that. Help?

Hi, I’m Olivia

Hi everyone! My name is Olivia Granat and I’m a senior here at UW. I’m majoring in Communication Arts, on the rhetoric side. I’m from the Chicago area, and with that comes my love (and sorrow) of Chicago sports. In addition to being a huge sports fan, I am also obsessed with sushi, sweets, and comedian Chelsea Handler. Another little fun fact about me is that I originally attended the University of Kansas, so even though I am a senior this is only my second year at Madison. I couldn’t be happier that I’m spending my last years of college in a place like Madison…after all, what’s not to love about the terrace and farmers markets around the capitol?

Hi- I’m Anne

Me standing on the Prime Meridian!

Hi All- My name is Anne Sickels (also go by Annie) and I am a 5th year senior majoring in Comm Arts and Poli Sci.  I am from Wausau, Wisconsin, which is about 2.5 hours north of Madison.  Initially, I took my time in College,switching majors 4 times.  After studying abroad in London, I got my act together and finally picked my majors!  Although I have taken a good amount of Com Arts courses, none of them have been centered around the Internet, so I am looking forward to this class.  Outside of school, I love to travel, and am currently planning a trip to the Alps this June.  I am obsessed with Winter and Christmas music, and usually put my Christmas tree up the day after Halloween.  I love cooking/baking, the color green, my DVR and spending time up at my families lake house in Northern Wisconsin.

Hi, I’m Arielle

Hi class! My name is Arielle Lever and I am a senior majoring in Communication Arts-Radio, TV, and Film and I am receiving the Business Certificate. I am from New York and I plan to return there after I complete my Undergrad in Madison. My time at Madison has been an indescribable experience and I cannot believe that I only have one more year at this amazing school. My life goal is to work in the entertainment industry, specifically as a talent agent. Although I know it will be best for me to move to Los Angeles in order to find a job in the entertainment industry, my heart belongs to New York. This past summer I worked in New York City at International Creative Management, Inc, a bicoastal talent agency with offices in Los Angeles and New York. Hopefully I will find a job at an agency in New York…wish me luck!

HI! I’m Jun


I’m Jun.

Instead of writing random boring things about myself, I thought it would be appropriate to put my intro/info pages from Facebook, Twitter and WordPress blog on here to show you how I introduce myself to the Internet world.


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First starting with my facebook page…

and Twitter..

And lastly my blog About Me section.

(This is kind of cheesy. I wrote it in my freshman year.. so y’all know how silly a freshman girl can be…  Although it was modified several times till last year, I had rarely uploaded posts. It is closed now. But I am planning on opening it again when I have much to say about life. Maybe after I graduate) .

Well nice to meet you!!!

Response to History of the Internet

My first thought about the short film, History of the Internet, was is this the same guy who does the voice for Vh1 fabulous life of? Sounds just like him. Besides thought i thought it was a really well made short documentary that explained the history of the internet in as basic language as possible. To be honest i know nothing about the history of the internet. When i think of the internet today i think of it as a playground, a guide and basically something i use multiple times a day. It was interesting to learn that these were never the original intentions of the internet. Also i was unaware how early the internet began. When the film mentions that the first users were commercial, scientific and military personnel i was surprised because their uses of the internet was so far from the type of internet I use. However it makes sense that the original use for a file sharing network would be for those three large causes. The part i liked best about the documentary was when they discusses the idea of a centralized network vs. a decentralized network and how the cuban missiles led them to create the decentralized network. When you think of how many different networks information travels through now and the amount of natural and technological disasters that occur its crazy to even imagine having one centralized network. The documentary definitely gave a good quick summary on how we got from a computer handling one task a a time to every network being compatible and interlinked.