Computers and my life

I thought this was a really interesting question, and I honestly thought that I didnt use my computer, or any “computorized” thing too much… but I was mistaken.  I am extremely sick this week, and have been addicted in checking my symptoms on web MD.  Tonight, I visited the site twice, skyped with my mom and checked emails.  On a normal night, I am sure I would have browsed on facebook, looked at twitter, checked out news sites and maybe visit pinterest.  Although I didn’t use my computer much, I did use my iphone A LOT! I feel embarrassed after realizing just how connected I am to it, especially when stuck in bed!  Besides using it to call and beg my boyfriend to bring me ice cream, I spent a few hours watching tv and playing words with friends.


My evening using computers

I never realized how many computerized thins I use each minute of of every day. This task made me think, is there ever even an hour when I do not use some type of computer. The only situation I could think of for a time that I might not have access to anything computer powered is maybe camping, that is a scary thought. Anyway back to the task. I work at the UW-Foundation telefund and so I spent the evening there for 4 hours and stared at a computer all night because the system we use is entirely computerized. We use headsets and call alumni through a computer system called “Campus Call.” Then when I drove to and from work I realized a car was computerized. Also while at work we are allowed to use our phones to “text” but everyone with a smart phone is using it for everything else. I used my cell phone to play games, go on Twitter and Facebook, text, and probably other things I can’t think of at the moment. When I got home I used the microwave to heat up my dinner, then watched TV for the rest of the night. That is my evening using computerized technology.

My Evening Hours using Computing Power

On my way home from class I bumped along public transit listening to Ry Cooder on my iPod. Upon my eventual, slightly roundabout way home – apparently Madison Metro has multiple buses with the same number – I got home and had enough time to reheat last night’s strange noodle concoction in a digitally run microwave. After wolfing that down, I watched the Daily Show online using the seemingly ubiquitous Apple MacBook. After that, I packed up and waited for the bus using my iPod to listen to Elvis Costello on my way to work while texting on my cellular communication device (aka a cell phone).

Upon arriving at WSUM, I sat behind a Dell Computer working with Microsoft’s Excel and Word while listening to our live digital signal running from the main studio. I did some work in the Master Studio, editing a previous live session from the Fresh Cut Collective on Adobe Audition. I went back to my Dell in the Lobby and used Wisc Mail Plus and Facebook (Don’t tell my boss about the latter.) After finishing all my work, I went into the Music Library and listened to vinyl of Autolux 0n a digital mixer while sorting CDs.

After work was done at midnight, I walked home listening to Luna on the iPod. I watched part of the movie Super 8 with my roommates on their PS3 before moving on read a (gasp!) book, although I had to Google a couple references on my MacBook. After more Samuel Beckett that any person should subject themselves to, I fell asleep. Upon further reflection, Steve Jobs has got me hook line and sinker, even from beyond the grave.

Most Sincerely,

-Peter Charles

Tracking My Computer Usage

Yesterday, Sunday December 4th, I decided to ditch my work and just hangout with my iPad all day. I had recently downloaded “Words with Friends” but just started playing it Yesterday. I instantly became addicted and made all my friends stop what they were doing to respond to my words so I could continue to play, and hopefully beat them. During the intervals of my friends doing work and not responding to my games, I played other games, such as “Angry Birds,” which at one point I was an avid player, and went on Twitter and LinkedIn. I switched off between iChat and Facebook which were constantly on my computer screen and my iPad. At one point, my friend had walked into my apartment and commented that I had looked like I was in an Apple commercial with my  iPad and computer. The only missing link was the iPhone; I have not switched from Blackberry to iPhone yet. I think I will use the Internet, and other computer aspects, on my phone more often when I make the switch. I use my Blackberry for communication purposes only. I would say that I was using a computerized gadget at almost every point of the day and at one point I even woke up in the middle of the night and checked if any of my friends had played in our “Words with Friends” games.

I never realized how dependent I was on all of my gadgets. Even if I am at the library, I am always using my computer and phone and will usually have my iPad so I can play some games during my stressful day.

The Interweb Super Highway!

So, this is going to be a pretty boring and dull post, mostly because I did nothing spectacular on the web today. For this reason, I’ll cut off my post here! Read the rest of this entry »

My digital night

By keeping track of all the ways in which I use computerized things, I was able to see just how dependent I am on technology. I keeping track at 3pm until now (nearly 10pm). I started off with using the computer to take notes in class…and maybe using the internet to…clarify concepts that the teacher was discussing…Ok! Ok! I was also on Facebook. Then I listened to some Christmas jams on my ipod on my walk home and texted my roommate about some shennanigans I saw on my walk from class. I then received a lovely phone call from my father who was on his way into town to bring me a heater for my freeeeeezing room. We decided to go out to dinner, so I needed browse the web again for places to eat. I treated my dad to dinner because it was his birthday yesterday, but I needed to use the handy easy tip calculator on my phone to figure out exactly how much to leave for our lovely waiter Chris. After being dropped off, I again used my ipod to accompany me to the library where I have been studiously working ever since and only using sites like learn@UW, Wiscmail, and Google…Ok Ok and Facebook!

Tracking my computerized uses

Following the guidelines of this assignment, I tracked every single computerized thing that I used today…and I wasn’t very surprised by my findings. I spent a majority of my entire day using my computer and iPhone. On my computer, I used the internet various time: for social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, using Google to do research for a class assignment, booking a flight, using my personal and school email, as well as Learn@UW. I also used my computer for Skype, taking notes in Word, and using powerpoint. I used my phone plenty throughout the day as well to text, check my email, make phone calls, and take photos using Instagram. I also have an iHome that I use for a clock in my bedroom, so I used that this morning and I will use it right before I go to sleep. Finally (but I’m not entirely positive this counts), I used the credit card machine at the check out at the grocery store, which is electronically hooked up to their check out system and sends the information to and from. Regardless, the main computerized things I used today were ironically all accessed through Apple products.