Wikipedia’s Newest Addition

Editing a Wikipedia page never came to mind until this semester, I always thought it was for certified experts. But in reality, Wikipedia is a collection of information from regular people, like me, who just happen to know a thing or two about certain topics. For this reason, it truly embodies the idealized phenomenon of collective intelligence. Wiki pages give regular people the ability to share previously useless information with the world, making rote memorization unnecessary. This type of website encourages democratic online participation and web use. As Danny said earlier in the semester, I think Wikipedia is a great starting point for topical research. So, it is important to keep its information up to date.

For example, I updated the social news Wikipedia page by adding affordances websites such as Digg, Fark, Reddit, and Delicious give users and  their resulting benefits to the community. I also added some information to the general descriptions of Digg and Reddit on this page under “Popular Social News Sites,” including features of the comment section, the social networking aspect of Digg, and the ability to earn “karma” on Reddit. This addition gives users a better understanding of the functions of social news sites.

Social News Wikipedia Addition

I updated Digg’s page on Wikipedia to include the websites ability to delete stories it does not feel fitting for the audience. While it doesn’t happen often, users have complained about this recently and in the past. I also noted the social networking aspect of the website, due to the personalized profile, the ability to follow and have followers, and the story view tracker.

Social News Wikipedia Page Addition

Wikipedia also encouraged me, as a view of this page, to discuss the option of merging this page with Digg Patriot’s. While I believe Digg Patriots could be included on Digg’s Wikipedia page, as a recent phenomenon on the website, not all people who use Digg, use it to express politically conservative ideas. I noted this accordingly.

Digg Addition Under "Features"

Unfortunately, the Reddit Wikipedia page is Semi-locked and my account status prevents me from adding relevant information. However, if I was able to post, I would add that Reddit downvotes stories until they’re gone. This means each vote is weighted equally. Also, Redditors have the ability to earn Karma for their active participation and involvement. Lastly, as part and parcel to the community aspect of Reddit, users often celebrate their “Reddit birthday,” something I found particularly interesting. I would compile these aspects of the website to the social news wiki page, but some of the detail is irrelevant to a general overview.

Although I posted these additions a few days ago, they are still there! I was expecting them to be changed, or deleted, but to my surprise and delight, they have not been touched, which is a very good feeling.


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