Wikipedia post

I must say I am sad that my days of browsing wedding blogs for homework are over.  Never did I think that I could turn a leisurely pastime of mine into a class project!

With that said, I just wanted to show everyone what came up as my first hit under my google search of “Wedding Blogs”:

Thats right- one of the blogs I followed, “Style Me Pretty”!

Posting on Wikipedia was a little difficult for me.  For whatever reason, editing is now allowed under the “blog” wikipedia page.  I guess there are various levels of protection on Wikipedia, something I didn’t know about.  I just assumed that it was 100% peer edited, but I guess I am wrong!

Because I couldn’t edit the blog page, I tried to see if there was a “wedding blog” page, and as I figured there is not.  So, I decided to create a new topic under the blog page, titled “diversity of blogs”.  This is acutally an interesting feature in wikipedia, and is something I didnt know of before.  When searching “blog”, instead of viewing teh article page, you can click on the discussion tab at teh top left.  This page is where visitors can post suggestions to what should be added to the “locked” blog article, and list improvements they have. I happend to be number 25… So I suppose there is some work to be done on the blog article!

List of suggestions made by Wikipedia visitors to the "Blog" article

While I am a little sad I couldn’t actually post something into an actual article, it would be neat if my suggestion for a new topic, “Diversity of Blogs” actually made it through!


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