Who’s Making Sounds in the Cloud?

There are multiple types of people who use Soundcloud use it to post their own music and or in some cases news. The vast majority of individuals produce electronic music such as Dubstep, House, Hiphop, and Trance – but other genres exist, such as Indie Rock, Funk, and Folk although their presence is minimal. This was the reason for the formation of my group Sad Bastard Music two months ago. It has seen steady growth and within those two months its numbers have climbed up to close to eighty members. There are others who use the site, specifically groups of people or organizations who have long been establish such as NPR and Music Labels that have their own pages. Large and small existing bands that were in the business before Soundcloud ever existed have a strong presence on the platform as well.

In my explorations of the Cloud, I stumbled upon a type of genre of music called “IDM” which is an acronym for “Intelligent Dance Music.” This seemed to resonant with me a bit more than any of the other types of groups of musicians I stumbled upon. With my engagement with people who frequent these types of groups, they mostly use a program called Abelton Live, which allows for basically live performance composition with the ability to record what you adjust in real-time and then go back and edit that recorded composition. Most favor a sound I would call post rock minimalist electronica.


One Comment on “Who’s Making Sounds in the Cloud?”

  1. Samarah says:

    Too funny I stumbled onto this post! My name is Sarah from Madison, WI as well…I gig under the name Samarah and I use Ableton…to make IDM music..or “dub minimal techno” or “ambient techno” or experimental, whatever you go with… Go figure! Ha ha I feed in vocals and external synths. Midi controllers for live shows or improvisation when writing bass lines or beat driven tracks. Ableton isn’t really a good interface for a traditional bands because that’s not what it was built for…protools is the industry standard.

    Ableton is awesome. Keep at it and she’ll purr. 😉
    On the cloud…. http://www.soundcloud.com/samarah

    – S

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