Second Life Wikipedia

I have never added to a Wikepedia page before so this was very much a learning experience for me. I went back and forth about what I wanted to post about and finally decided to edit the Popular Culture portion of the Wikipedia page for Second Life. When I clicked edit I was immediately brought to a different page. The page gave very few instructions but there was a text box and different buttons that I could click to help with my page. However, on the top of the page there was a yellow box that I read very carefully. The picture is below.

I was nervous about the part that said “you IP address with be recording publicly in this page’s edit history.” I was unaware of what that meant but the first thing that popped into my head was my own privacy. I was unsure if that information meant that Wikipedia would have access to stuff on my computer. I figured that since we are doing this for a class all of my thoughts were probably wrong. So I went ahead and created my contribution to the page.

Above is my contribution in the editing stage. I was able to add a link.

I pressed “save page” and after a minute the page restarted and I had to do one more step before the page could be fully posted.

I had to type out the word “tubertends.” I was surprised that there was not an “enter” button on the page and I just had to press “enter” on my computer’s keyboard. Finally the editing portion was completed and my contribution was on the page.

My contribution says: “The series True Life did an episode that involved Second Life. The episode called “True Life: I Have Another Life on the Web,” aired in 2008 and followed three people who have alter egos online that greatly differ from who they are in reality. Amy used Second Life and she had two avatars, or alter egos. The first is named Keiko, an avatar that resembles her, and her second alter ego is Mama Shepard, a 38 year old widow, who owns and operates a virtual bakery. Amy was completely involved in her virtual world. Ben Rosen, the producer of this True Life episode, explained that Second Life houses a lot of people obsessed with their “other lives” in this virtual world ( With its own currency, job opportunities, and shopping options, Second Life allows for endless possibilities for avatars and endless opportunities for the people playing on Second Life.”

The URL is not in the post because I was able to imbed the citation. My citation is number 117.

This is the URL for the Pop Culture portion of the page:


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