Final Twitter Post

It seemed fitting that when I went on Twitter this morning I noticed that it had been updated to a new version. The new version is noticeably different, seeing as the Twitter feed is now on the right hand side, and all other information, including follower requests, and trends are listed on the left hand side. In addition, the area to post a tweet is also on the left hand side, whereas before it was located on top of the twitter feed. Additionally, when I updated my Twitter for iPhone app a few days ago, I noticed that the interface of the app had noticeably changed as well. The symbols/buttons are the same for both applications so they have very similar representations. I also think it gives the site a much more clean and digital-type look.


Moreover, it’s interesting to think about how Twitter will continue to change in the future. I can’t even imagine what Twitter will look like in years from now, and what kinds of features have been added. I think about how Facebook has evolved and changed drastically over the years and I really think the possibilities are endless for social networking sites.

And I have to admit, I never thought I would jump on the Twitter bandwagon, but I’m really happy that this project forced me to do so. I couldn’t imagine my life without Twitter, seeing as it has become the main way that I access information on a day-to-day basis. I also have found that I like Twitter much more than Facebook and have replaced my preference of Facebook with Twitter. While don’t tweet every day or even very often, I check my Twitter feed multiple times throughout the day and reply to any @ mentions that I get from my friends. I have obtained 53 followers and am currently following 98 accounts. So slowly but surely I am constructing my networked invidualism and online identity, which will only continue to expand in the future.


2 Comments on “Final Twitter Post”

  1. danagost says:

    I’m also on twitter and I dont really like the new interface on the iphone. I dont know if you use the Read it later feature on twitter, but they completely got rid of it. Also, I am somewhat new to twitter as well and I agree that it is somewhat replacing Facebook for me.

  2. aesickels says:

    I am also new to twitter, but feel it will never replace facebook for me, probably because facebook was the first social networking site I embraced. I find twitter on my iphone really confusing actually- I should check out youtube for a how-to clip!

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