Wikipedia Post

I had some trouble deciding where i should post on Wikipedia. I surprisingly couldn’t find a page titled “senior citizens online.” I didn’t want to just post something on the senior citizen Wikipedia page because i wanted to relate my post to something we learned about in class. I decided to instead post some information on the chat room Wikipedia page since i spent majority of my research talking to seniors in chat rooms. When i went to the chat room page I saw a small section on perceived dangers. I knew we spoke a lot about these sort of fears in class so i decided to add a definition of technopanics. I decided to add Alice E. Marwick’s definition to the chat room page and cited her next to it. I added the link here as well as a screen shot. Chat Room Wikipedia page.  I thought it was surprising but also pretty cool how anyone can add any information to Wikipedia. I always knew that’s how the site worked but never realized how easy it really is. 


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