The Last Hurrah

For my last blog post, I wanted to try and do something new on each of the three social networking sites that I have been exploring throughout the semester.

First I went to Google +. I have found this site the most enjoyable to use because I am most familiar with the layout. It is most similar to Facebook, which I use everyday, so most of the features I intuitively know how to use. I am impressed, however, with the outside connections that Google + provides with other Google services. Using your Google + account, you are automatically connected to searches, photos, calendar, and my new favorite, Goggle Docs. I decided to use Google Docs with my water polo team to see how it would work out. We used Google Docs as an order form to place an order for apparel. It worked out so well. Everyone was able to access the document and go back and change their order if they wanted to. I would highly suggest this to use for other sports teams or group projects.













I then went to LinkedIn. I really like the idea of LinkedIn as a way to connect with other people in a professional way and search for jobs. However, I found the site a little intimidating to use. I think that the boundaries of social networking and professional life are a little blurry and I was not sure exactly how to proceed. Even though it is in a completely professional way, I still felt strange making certain connections. For example it felt awkward to make a connection with a co-worker that I do not really talk to very much at work. For my latest visit, I decided that as a graduating senior in the spring I should look into job opportunities. I narrowed my search to specify what I was looking for in a job and was surprised how many results came up. …but then I got overwhelmed and started freaking out a little bit about the real world so I had to get outta there. I will definitely be utilizing LinkedIn more in the future though.














Finally, I revisited the most unique social networking site that I have been exploring this semester, 43 things. This site has an excellent concept I think. I really like the positive and supportive atmosphere that the site provides. I like the way that you can cheers other people and keep track of your progress on your goals. It gives a place for people to tell their life’s dreams and actually try and make them happen. The absolute best part about the site is the cheer feature. I decided that I would give out all the remaining cheers I had to give out as a little parting gift. I cheered on people that had goals like skydiving, going on a roadtrip with no predetermined destination, and my favorite, taste 100 types of chocolate. nom.












Basically I had an excellent experience with exploring different social networking sites…but the main part about them is that they need to be popular and utilized by other people too, which is why Facebook still has the upperhand in my book.




















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