Sounds On A Cloud

Soundcloud is a media sharing platform used to share mostly music, much like Flicker is used for photos and Vimeo is used for videos. It was founded in Germany in 2008 as an answer to Myspace’s dominance of the music sharing online. Unlike Myspace, Soundcloud allowed music to be imbeded anywhere, with each song being allowed it’s own URL.

When first visiting the site, one set’s up an a personal profile to which one uploads what ever noises they wish. One then can then set out to follow other users and other users can follow them. New noises will appear in a feed, or you “Dashboard” of the users you have followed. One can make comments on the sounds of your choosing. What’s interesting and different about the comments on Soundcloud is that users can comment on specific parts of songs.

Another aspect of Soundcloud is the formation of groups of likeminded musicians and share more specifically with those of similar interests. In this manner I formed the group Sad Bastard Music with the following information:

“Taken from a phrase in reference to the film “High Fidelity,” Sad Bastard Music can be described as slow, morose songs with unabashed tenderness in the lyrics or vocal style. Sad Bastard Music belongs to a breed musicians who dare to care in the face of apathy and ignore the childish belittlement of the term “emo” that could easily apply to anyone who has shown emotion in their music, from Beethoven to Otis Redding. Passion and compassion only thrives in a soul who can carry the weight of feeling pain. If you’ve been abused by sappy and happy songs lacking in substance and if you love to listen to an eclectic mix of new and old Indie-Rawk, New-Wave, Alt-Country, Post-Punk, and Soul, you’ve found a home.

My hope is to make this an online community where us Sad Bastards can share our tunes with each other and hopefully collaborate.

To quote Jack Black as Barry, “Put on some old sad bastard music – see if i care!” This was in reference to Belle & Sebastian, but some other examples of Sad Bastard Music include Low, Roy Orbison, The National, Neil Young, Elliott Smith, Tim Hardin, Smog, Wilco, Bonnie Prince Billy, Otis Redding, Yo La Tengo, Galaxie 500, Talking Heads, Andrew Bird, The Jayhawks, Elvis Costello, Ry Cooder, Beck, Nick Drake, M. Ward, & Guided By Voices.

-Your Loving Moderator”


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