Reviewing What is Reviewed and Why

I’ve done five reviews since last I posted, and my rank has been fluctuating. At first, it actually went down 1,000, but the next day went up to around 190,000. then, the day after that, it went up to 162,795. I did absolutely nothing while this was going on, and I got no more “likes”, so the only explanation is that other reviewers were lowering. The fact that it was such a huge change surprised me. I get that I’m still very low ranked, but it’s cool to see my profile rise and definitely encourages me to write more reviews. At the same time, I’m worried about getting “unhelpful” ratings, so my reviews tend to go more with the general consensus.  No, I’m not lying in my reviews. I’m choosing to review either things I agree with the majority about or things I doubt people will care if I am of a different opinion (like bank or toys). Actually, this picking and choosing of what I review is what I want to talk about in this post. Namely, who reviews what and why.

Before getting to far here, I am focusing on the people who are actually reviewing the product. Thus, Fanboys/girls, Haters, and Trolls are exempt. As for the rest, I can only give my interpretation for what things to review. For instance, a majority of my reviews are of films. This is because they are a product I feel confident in my ability to judge properly. While they aren’t as in depth as I’d like due to time constraints, I feel they give a good idea why you would or wouldn’t like a film. I give my opinion while also suggesting why you might like it. sometimes I end my review with “If you liked Herp-de-derp, you’ll like this movie” or “defiantly worth a watch”, implying that even if you don’t like it, you can still appreciate it.

I also reviewed miscellaneous items, such as Yakisoba, a Wolverine bank, and Yano. These reviews are a little less critical and focus mostly on my interactions with these items. Oddly, the Yano review is one of the three people have found helpful so far. Not sure what that says. Maybe you, dear reader, are the kind person who clicked “helpful”. either way, while looking for micellaneous things to review, I cam across some oddly critical reviews. Here is an example:

It’s a review on a kitana umbrella I own (you may have seen me with it. Doesn’t it look snazzy?). I had thought about doing one (and still may), but couldn’t think of anything to say about it. It looks cool, it works, and it’s lasted me a while. This guy or girl seems to be some sort of umbrella expert, being able to make pros and cons of this particular umbrella as if they had an ideal umbrella to compare it to. I’ve seen similar reviews of electric razors, toothbrushes, and batteries. They act as a authority figure from which we might gleam the correct opinion off of to understand the item as a whole. Now, I’m not saying their opinions are invalid or even that they are not authority figures in these “fields”. All I’m saying is it’s bizarre to me that there is someone out there who considers themselves a umbrella connoisseur.

This then leads me to my final point in this post: what I have yet to write about and why I haven’t. The most obvious answer for a lot of the stuff is simply that I don’t feel I know enough about the item to be able to write a legitimate review. That, or the thing doesn’t interest me. Shoes are a good example of this. I’m largely ignorant about computers, so rating the one I’m using right now doesn’t seem right. Finally, perhaps the biggest two reasons I haven’t broadened my review horizons very much is because I’m really not used to writing seriously about them or they take to long. I have beaten over five video games this semester ( Batman:AC, GoW3, Ghost Trick, 3h 3p 3d, Dues Ex: HR, and Super Mario Land 3ds if you were curious (and by god, you were)) , but there are so many different aspects to write about, I’m a bit overwhelmed to do it. Plus, there are already great reviews for most of those games, so writing a review with any depth seems pointless. Similarly, I have a huge collection of graphic novels that I can review (Me being a geek should be of no surprise to anyone who’s read any of my previous posts…). Again, there are so many aspects to a comic to write about and I’m so inexperienced with writing about them, I feel a little intimidated as to what to write.

I will eventually break out of this review funk, but for now I’ll stick to mostly writing about what I’m used to writing about: Films


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