Degrees of S e p a r a t i o n

For my practicum project, one of the social networking sites that I am looking at is LinkedIn. For some reason this is the one that is most difficult for me to use. I think it is the least intuitive for me because it mixes professional with social aspects of social networking. There is one really cool feature that I have noticed however. The main focus of LinkedIn is to make connections with other people, mainly for professional purposes. There is a tab that you can click entitled “People you may know” which helps you find people based on your email contacts, groups  you are in, and field of interest. The cool thing about it is that it tells you how far removed you are from other connections that you have. For example, when  I was looking under the “People you may know” tab, I found many of my co-workers. This is because I have common connections with many of these people. Because these are direct common connections they are designated as 2nd connections. When you click on someone’s profile that you are not yet connected with, it will show you exactly who the people are that link you to this suggested connection.

Here is an example:










I think that this is a really cool feature and I think that it could be really useful and interesting if applied to other social networking sites.


2 Comments on “Degrees of S e p a r a t i o n”

  1. lilyd21 says:

    i agree that sometimes i find LinkedIn difficult to use. Im never quiet sure what the proper etiquette is. Im always curious if you can connect to people you dont know or if its not the sort of site.

  2. Eddie Rath says:

    I also find LinkedIn quite interesting. It has a way of identifying email contacts as work related or informal interactions. I often get suggestions to add people in my work circle or classmates that I frequently email. Nice post! and nice touch with the title 😉

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