There’s an App for that!

Why wouldn’t there be an app for Pinterest? Since the site is becoming more and more popular and currently receives about 2.5 million monthly visits, Pinterest has created an App. Like many other apps, Pinterest is being marketed through Itunes. Now users can pin anywhere they can use their cell phones. Pinterest is expanding at a fast pace. According to an article titled, “The Rise of Pinterest and the Shift from Search to Discovery,” Pinterest’s user growth rate is what Facebook’s was five years ago. Earlier in 2011, it was valued through venture financing at$40m and, most recently, just a few months later, at around $200m. Though the site is growing a lot, I have seen comments about Pinterest that are negative. One person wrote, “Pinterest is a Reddit for chicks.”  I disagree I think Pinterest is a great site with so many things to offer and judging from the numbers, I am not alone.


One Comment on “There’s an App for that!”

  1. emilyhawley says:

    Oh no! There’s an app for Pinterest?! I already spend all my time on Pinterest on my computer now I have to do it on my phone too? …ok i guess

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