What’s Hot

There are so many features on Google  Plus and I have really enjoyed exploring them. For example there are so many specialized search functions for Google. I knew about Google Scholar but there are other specialized searches such as finance, patent, blog, product, and trends. By applying these searches, it narrows your results so you can more easily find what you are looking for. Pretty cool.

I  noticed that there is a new function on Google + that allows people within circles to chat in real time. This adds a level of synchronous communication. It seems like this function was inevitable as it seems to be present in most social networks, however, I’m not sure if it is being used very much on Google + yet. I do not have very many friends that use Google + , so I had no one to try out the chat function with. I think that as long as Facebook has as much control over the social networking world as it currently does, it will be difficult for new social networks to make much of an impact.

One feature that I did see that I though was pretty cool was the ‘What’s Hot” tab on Google +. I clicked on it and it showed a list of kind of what was trending on Google +. It showed the kinds of things that the most people had either shared or +1’d. I thought that this was really interesting and an easy way to see what is really popular on the web right now.



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