When I searched Twitter on wikipedia, I found that the Twitter is extensively covered on the site. Wikipedia currently contains pages such as: Twitter, Twitter subpoena, Twittering Machine, Twitterific, Twitter usage, Twitter Joke Trial, Twitterfall, Twitter Power, Twitter Markup Language, and Twitter for iPhone. After searching through several of the pages, I wasn’t sure what or where to add. Additionally, the main Twitter wikipedia page is locked, so I was unable to add information to that page. I decided to make my contribution to the page dedicated to Social Networking Service.

After reading the first paragraph on the page, previous contributors discussed the concept of online communities and how social networking services are actually more individual-centered. I felt it was important to bring up Wellman’s concept of “networked invidualism,” since it broadly applies to all types of social networking services, especially Twitter. I even added a citation that links to Wellman’s wikipedia page where it talks about “networked individualism” and similar concepts.

Here’s what I added to the page:

A social network service better represents networked individualism. Networked individualism refers to the idea that loose egocentric social networks are based around the individual and the individual’s identity and works to connect friend circles together [1]. Social networking sites allow individual users to share ideas, activities, events, photos and interests within their individual networks.

And here’s what the Social Networking Service page looks like now:





One Comment on “Wikipedia”

  1. lilyd21 says:

    Im suprised how many pages on wikipedia are dedicated to twitter! especially becasuse i had so much trouble finding any wikipedia sites based on my topic, i like what you added to the page.

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