Social News Sites Coming at You!

Digg Digest

As previously mentioned, social news sites act as information aggregated crowd sourcing. Therefore, it relies a lot on its members to actively post stories and participate by up or downvoting and commenting. By doing so, you are often rewarded with karma (on Reddit) and awards (on Digg) to encourage users. After some research, it looks like active membership on Digg has been declining, which piqued my interest after receiving this week’s Digg Digest.

Digg Digest is a weekly newsletter emailed to members automatically upon registration, unless you unsubscribe after receiving the first one. I found this to be an interesting aspect of differentiation between Digg and Reddit because Reddit does not use this technique. The email includes: current top stories, top stories of the week, and staff picks, which isn’t available on the website.

I originally thought this was a tactic to keep Diggers active, to keep it fresh in their mind and to encourage participation. However, it goes further than that. It gives members a sense of community beyond what they feel on the site. It is an increased form of integration with the website and the community; one no longer needs to find news or entertainment because with this aspect of Digg, it literally comes to them.


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