Vegetarian Activism in the World Today

For my final blog post I thought I would share about some ‘current topics’ in Vegetarian communities. Obviously they are a very socially active group and definitely trying to achieve a very specific goal. One topic that I find on a lot of the different chat boards is when people find these issues actually making it into the news, which is typically pretty good for them because they’re trying to get the word out there about crucial issues.
One of the chat boards I’ve been visiting is Veggie Boards, and they have a forum dedicated solely to Animal Issues in the News. I’d like to share a few links from this site (I hope they work without you having to join the board):
-this first one is about how an airport worker refused to load a dog that she perceived to be in a poor condition on to a plane because she thought that it wouldn’t survive the flight. she ended up getting fired from her job–and later offered it back and encouraged by airport officials. i think it’s really interesting that this link really has nothing to do with vegetarianism or veganism, but it’s just the issue of animal rights/ethics that the board members are really concerned about here. i was also really surprised about the vast range of comments that this post got. some are more concerned about the dog, some just automatically criticize the human race (or stand up for it), etc. one i thought was super interesting due to the fact that it explicitly relates to a specific celebrity figure, and i think that has a really big influence in veggie communities and is seen by them as a fantastic was to gain support and knowledge in the real world. it talks about matt damon  attending a bull fight which apparently was a really controversial issue to them because there’s obviously some ethical considerations about the treatment of the animal here. he ‘explain’s’ himself and advocates for animal rights. i think that quotes really added to the credibility of his statement. nonetheless, this link got REALLY mixed reviews/comments; some simply just accepted his apology and were glad to hear that he kept his previous stance on animals, where as others were pretty outraged and didn’t buy it, making really crude comparisons.
-this article i found to be much more practical, real world applicable. in case you didn’t know, africa’s western black rhino was recently declared extinct and this is obviously really discouraging to animal rights activists. again, it has nothing to do with vegetarianism but simply care for the well being of the animals. this really is significant to our entire world because things like this continue to happen and are drastically changing the world we live in. this article had overwhelming negative feedback, which i think is understandable. everything that a lot of these people are working towards and pretty much a step is taken backwards.

One thing that i do wish i would have seen more of in these posts was positivity and a willingness to continue to want to do better and personally help achieve these goals. I know that most of the topics here are often not of good things, but i still think it’s important for the community to stick together and maintain their goals, try to further the cause they all care so much about. In my opinion, one of the most important features of trying to ‘change the world’ so to speak, is to not let any small bit of discouraging information get you down. if they allow it to then it will be much more difficult to obtain realistic achievements.


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