Tracking My Computer Usage

Yesterday, Sunday December 4th, I decided to ditch my work and just hangout with my iPad all day. I had recently downloaded “Words with Friends” but just started playing it Yesterday. I instantly became addicted and made all my friends stop what they were doing to respond to my words so I could continue to play, and hopefully beat them. During the intervals of my friends doing work and not responding to my games, I played other games, such as “Angry Birds,” which at one point I was an avid player, and went on Twitter and LinkedIn. I switched off between iChat and Facebook which were constantly on my computer screen and my iPad. At one point, my friend had walked into my apartment and commented that I had looked like I was in an Apple commercial with my  iPad and computer. The only missing link was the iPhone; I have not switched from Blackberry to iPhone yet. I think I will use the Internet, and other computer aspects, on my phone more often when I make the switch. I use my Blackberry for communication purposes only. I would say that I was using a computerized gadget at almost every point of the day and at one point I even woke up in the middle of the night and checked if any of my friends had played in our “Words with Friends” games.

I never realized how dependent I was on all of my gadgets. Even if I am at the library, I am always using my computer and phone and will usually have my iPad so I can play some games during my stressful day.


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