The Interweb Super Highway!

So, this is going to be a pretty boring and dull post, mostly because I did nothing spectacular on the web today. For this reason, I’ll cut off my post here!

Anyways, as I woke up this morning I did my typical routine: turned on my computer and checked my email, Facebook, and the weather at  Then I went to class without a computer and….took notes in a primitive notebook (9:00 am-12:00). At lunch time I made it back to my tiny apartment to watch an episode of  “Flight of the Concords” on HBO GO while eating cold pizza (12:00-1:00) and left shortly after to go to class and take more of my caveman notes (1:00-4:00). After those classes, I returned home and studied for an upcoming quiz. As I did this I was Texted a few times, to which I texted back stuff as well as things. I also would check my email every now and then because I’m awaiting an important message (long story, almost as boring as this one). After a short while I gave up studying to watch one more episode of FotC before going to my final class (4:00-6:00). After that (6:00-9:00), I came back home, made and ate supper, watched another episode, and began writing this post (9:00-Now!). Truly my life is akin to an action movie mixed with mystery and romance. This has all been a true journal of everything I did today. I do not judge you if you are envious of my life.

Here is a FotC video for reading the entire post!


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