Simple Life? Not if I Tried.

After doing the “research” for this blog post, I realized that even if I wanted to live a simpler life without computers, it would be nearly impossible.

First, I brought my actual computer to class and used it to type notes all day. I then used my oven and microwave to make dinner, two things I wouldn’t have considered computers until this evening. My friend dropped me off at the SERF (lazy, but a free ride nonetheless) where I used the elliptical and treadmill. If you lost count, we’re up to six. After doing some homework, I popped the Italian Job in the DVD player before going to bed, adding the TV and DVD player to the count.

So as an average day, I used at least eight computers. I realize many of these are optional, and merely add to my life, but many other computers are essential to my life, even if I didn’t use them within this time span. For example, busses, air conditioning, cars, stop lights, etc. can all be categorized as computers. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that even if I wanted to live a simple life, it wouldn’t be possible in today’s world. While there are many concerns about this, I think it will aid society in the future.


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