Second Life Update

“Update” in the title does not refer to me updating you guys on my Second Life adventures. It literally means update. Today when I tried to open Second Life to explore more worlds, I had to update the software I have been using. When I opened up the program and attempted to type in my username and password, a message popped up that read “Software Needs to be Updated. Second Life must restart in order to update the software.” I was really angry because whenever I update anything on my computer it takes a good 15 minutes before I can use the application again. The computer usually needs to check for all available updates, than prepare computer for updates, than download new software and a few other steps that I do not really understand, but all involve that slow moving bar, and lastly restart the entire computer. I was expecting a long process so I pulled out my iPad and began to play “Words with Friends.” Before I could even add one word to the board, I am usually very quick with the games, the upload was complete. Unfortunately, I had to put my games on hold and get back to Second Life.

The program automatically reopened and a window (image below) popped up that read “Display settings have been set to recommended levels because of change to the rendering subsystem.” I had zero clue what that meant.

There was a new aspect of the home page that caught my eye. It is called Linden Realms. There was a scrolling picture on the homepage that promoted and explained Linden Realms. It explained the Linden Realms is a new game inside Secon Life where you “complete quests, find adventure, and earn currency.” I debated whether that would be my new stop in Second Life because I thought it would be fun to play games. I was a little hesitant to try it because I still do not understand Second Life fully but I figured it was worth a shot.

I clicked on “Select to set as your starting location” from the picture above and it advised me that I would be teleported there once I log in.


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