Second Life: Linden Realms

I arrived at Linden Realm  after passing through the portal (as seen in picture above). I followed the turquoise arrows until I reached the arch and stepped through. It said 5 other people were currently in this realm, but when I landed there I did not see anyone else. The first instructions I was given was to “Find Tyrah’s workshop in the basecamp, and walk inside.”  I began to walk to the basecamp which was straight ahead. As you can see in the picture it is on the right. There was a little arrow on the way to that pointed to the basecamp, so I knew I was on the right path.

After arriving in the basecamp the next instructions popped up. They said “collect a red, orange, and yellow crystal.” There were people already in the basecamp doing the same activity as I was doing. I decided to start a conversation with people in the basecamp asking if anyone knew how to collect the crystals. After asking three different people, someone finally answered me. However, their answer did not help because they were unaware how to play as well.

Next to the five colored crystals on the top of the page is a question mark. I clicked the question mark which linked me to a URL that answered questions about Linden Realm.







I searched the site and learned that the display that gave me directions is actually called the “Heads Up Display.” I also learned that it is possible to be killed in this game. One of the frequently asked questions is “I’m suddenly somewhere different, what just happened?” The answer they give is “You were just “killed” in the game by one of the hazards (like a rock monster, toxic water, or a fireball).” Because I was scared to be killed and the question I was looking for was not one of the frequently asked questions I decided to leave the realm and head to another destination. There was one FAQ that I found useful….

“How do I report bugs, give feedback or make comments?

Please submit bug reports and other feedback at Please do not use Jira to report bugs.”

Heres my feedback and comment… HOW DO I PLAY THE GAME?




One Comment on “Second Life: Linden Realms”

  1. After reading all of your blogs about Second Life I really want to try it. I remember the first time I ever heard of Second Life was on MTVs true life and I’m not going to lie I had a really negative opinion about it. The show followed people who were so devoted to their Avatars on second life that they could not handle the real world. I understand that it an extreme circumstance and now see how the virtual world can be used for other things similar to social media sites like meeting people, marketing, sharing media content, and more.

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