My evening using computers

I never realized how many computerized thins I use each minute of of every day. This task made me think, is there ever even an hour when I do not use some type of computer. The only situation I could think of for a time that I might not have access to anything computer powered is maybe camping, that is a scary thought. Anyway back to the task. I work at the UW-Foundation telefund and so I spent the evening there for 4 hours and stared at a computer all night because the system we use is entirely computerized. We use headsets and call alumni through a computer system called “Campus Call.” Then when I drove to and from work I realized a car was computerized. Also while at work we are allowed to use our phones to “text” but everyone with a smart phone is using it for everything else. I used my cell phone to play games, go on Twitter and Facebook, text, and probably other things I can’t think of at the moment. When I got home I used the microwave to heat up my dinner, then watched TV for the rest of the night. That is my evening using computerized technology.


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