My Evening Hours using Computing Power

On my way home from class I bumped along public transit listening to Ry Cooder on my iPod. Upon my eventual, slightly roundabout way home – apparently Madison Metro has multiple buses with the same number – I got home and had enough time to reheat last night’s strange noodle concoction in a digitally run microwave. After wolfing that down, I watched the Daily Show online using the seemingly ubiquitous Apple MacBook. After that, I packed up and waited for the bus using my iPod to listen to Elvis Costello on my way to work while texting on my cellular communication device (aka a cell phone).

Upon arriving at WSUM, I sat behind a Dell Computer working with Microsoft’s Excel and Word while listening to our live digital signal running from the main studio. I did some work in the Master Studio, editing a previous live session from the Fresh Cut Collective on Adobe Audition. I went back to my Dell in the Lobby and used Wisc Mail Plus and Facebook (Don’t tell my boss about the latter.) After finishing all my work, I went into the Music Library and listened to vinyl of Autolux 0n a digital mixer while sorting CDs.

After work was done at midnight, I walked home listening to Luna on the iPod. I watched part of the movie Super 8 with my roommates on their PS3 before moving on read a (gasp!) book, although I had to Google a couple references on my MacBook. After more Samuel Beckett that any person should subject themselves to, I fell asleep. Upon further reflection, Steve Jobs has got me hook line and sinker, even from beyond the grave.

Most Sincerely,

-Peter Charles


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