Words With Friends: Final Post

As my gameplay has progressed, my interest in this game has started to decrease. I truly do not enjoy playing random people or facebook friends. I only like playing about 5 people at a time, where for this project I was playing up to 15 games at one time. I have become very good at being able to structurally place each word to create a particular shape that is not easy to add words too. This has become one of my strongest strategies, I learned this from one of my guy friends. Whenever I played him, I always lost. It frustrated me until I realized how I always lost was because he would make the structure on the board too hard to add words too. (Structurally complex game pictured below to the right).

Throughout my gameplay I could see how many people can receive many different emotions from this game, Words With Friends. I have shown how this game has created a small community surrounding this game. Many people who do not have an iPhone can feel left out of this Words With Friends community. This is why many have now started to play on Facebook. I can see how people can become extremely competitive as well as very frustrated with this game. Avid game users can be extremely competitive while newcomers can become very frustrated with these competition games of Words With Friends. This game has many social aspects to it and has created its own community with it.


One Comment on “Words With Friends: Final Post”

  1. I am obsessed with this game and am also willing to play with random people or my facebook friends. I currently am playing about 6 games and I think it is yet another great way to communicate with people that you do no see on a daily basis. I also enjoy how there is a place where you can chat, it ads an exciting new element to cell phone games/apps. I would recommend hanging with friends as well! -Lindsey

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