Vegetarianism on Wikipedia

For my contribution to Wikipedia I actually ended up editing two different pages. I found that I was really surprised by how much extensive information was already posted on Wiki about Vegetarianism itself. On this page, there is everything ranging from types of vegetarianism, health and nutrition information, religious connections and views, environmental concerns, etc…more than I could have ever imagined.

The wiki page for ‘activism’ gives a very broad definition that encompasses a wide range of types of activism in general, not “social” specifically. It’s accompanied by a list of different types of activism that link to those specific pages.

So, firstly I looked over the broad activism page. I noticed that Veganism–which says boycott of animal usage next to it. However, Vegetarianism was not listed, which I was really kind of shocked by, because to me it seems like many more people are Vegetarians than they are Vegans. So, I went in to this linked list and added “Vegetarianism”. Next to it I included a little notation also that says “boycott of animal meat usage” (these are under the category of Boycott, under types of activism). Here is the photo from that:
I do definitely feel that this was some important information about activism that should be included in this section. Among many other things that I have experienced over the course of the semester, if I can tell you anything it is that the people whom I’ve interacted with are definitely very active in the cause that they are supporting and do desire to bring about a change in the world. I certainly think that they should be included in this!
However, I felt that I still wanted to contribute something more based on the websites that I’ve been working with. So I went to the Vegetarianism wiki page and looked for something that I could contribute to that page. Now I know that this might seem like something trivial, but based on a lot of other Wiki pages I’ve been to, I’ve found that many of them have a sort of “celebrity” section. On a lot of the Vegetarian websites I visited too, many of them had a list of famous people who advocate for vegetarianism or veganism with more information about it. So, I added a brief section highlighting just a few of very many celebrities who are known vegetarians.
I just chose a few celebrities who I feel like most people would probably know, because I couldn’t possibly include all of them. I don’t really know how to do to ^ links in Wiki, and I wasn’t really sure where exactly to put it, because there was no obvious section it should belong in. You would be really surprise (or I was at least when doing my research) to find out how many people you are familiar with are vegetarians. This is the website that I got the celebrity names from:
I just thought that would be another fun thing to add that could get the attention of people looking into Vegetarianism. It’s a neat concept to know how increasingly popular it is becoming–so maybe the activism really is helping?!


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