Tracking my computerized uses

Following the guidelines of this assignment, I tracked every single computerized thing that I used today…and I wasn’t very surprised by my findings. I spent a majority of my entire day using my computer and iPhone. On my computer, I used the internet various time: for social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, using Google to do research for a class assignment, booking a flight, using my personal and school email, as well as Learn@UW. I also used my computer for Skype, taking notes in Word, and using powerpoint. I used my phone plenty throughout the day as well to text, check my email, make phone calls, and take photos using Instagram. I also have an iHome that I use for a clock in my bedroom, so I used that this morning and I will use it right before I go to sleep. Finally (but I’m not entirely positive this counts), I used the credit card machine at the check out at the grocery store, which is electronically hooked up to their check out system and sends the information to and from. Regardless, the main computerized things I used today were ironically all accessed through Apple products.


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