My digital night

By keeping track of all the ways in which I use computerized things, I was able to see just how dependent I am on technology. I keeping track at 3pm until now (nearly 10pm). I started off with using the computer to take notes in class…and maybe using the internet to…clarify concepts that the teacher was discussing…Ok! Ok! I was also on Facebook. Then I listened to some Christmas jams on my ipod on my walk home and texted my roommate about some shennanigans I saw on my walk from class. I then received a lovely phone call from my father who was on his way into town to bring me a heater for my freeeeeezing room. We decided to go out to dinner, so I needed browse the web again for places to eat. I treated my dad to dinner because it was his birthday yesterday, but I needed to use the handy easy tip calculator on my phone to figure out exactly how much to leave for our lovely waiter Chris. After being dropped off, I again used my ipod to accompany me to the library where I have been studiously working ever since and only using sites like learn@UW, Wiscmail, and Google…Ok Ok and Facebook!


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