Wedding Blogs: Advertisements

Something which I have been wondering is how exactly these bloggers are making money, and especially the “Style Me Pretty” editor, for it is her living!  Perhaps it is because I am always surrounded by advertisements online, but I didnt even notice the advertisements on the right side of the page for both “Style Me Pretty” and “OMG I’m Getting Married”.   The blog “So You’re Engayged” has a location on the side of the page labeled “Advertisements”, however so far none have been there!

Although each blog is from another country, the similarity between the two’s advertisements is interesting!

ads from OMG I'm Getting Married

ads from Style Me Pretty

Something I did notice between the “Style Me Pretty” blog, which has an “American” take on weddings, and the “OMG I’m Getting Married” blog (based in the UK) was how they presented their advertisements.  While both blogs had advertisements from various companies ads at the right side of the blog, the UK site took it one step further, including a tab within their homepage for “Sponsors”.

Here, the sponsors are interviewed by the author, and given space to share their work (whether they are a photographer, baker, rental supplier, etc).  This way of advertising doesnt seem as commercialized, and could easily be mistaken for actual blog material verses a sponsor.  Also within the “OMG I’m Getting Married” blog are sponsored photo-shoots, fashion shows, expos, and other events that the UK blog author attends and then posts about.  After searching the blog for awhile, I was unable to locate a link or find information on how one can advertise or become a sponsor… I am assuming you would just have to email the author!

Sponsor interview on "OMG I'm Getting Married"

Style me pretty however has a less subtle ad effect, and doesn’t give advertisers commentary space like the UK blog does.  Rather, at the bottom of their page they have a link “advertise”.  Here, detailed information is given on the blog readers, as well as the various slots companies could advertise within.  I feel that Style Me Pretty is more up front about advertising due to the nature of their business, and dependency the author has with the blog for her income.  It also seems like Style Me Pretty is in a different league than OMG I’m Getting Married.  I was shocked to find these stats on Style Me Pretty’s advertising page, describing their audience:

12 Million Monthly Pageviews and over 1.5 Million Visitors. Our RSS Monthly Views are over 1,500,000. We have a brag-worthy Google page rank of 6.

Thats amazing- and explains why the blog has a more business feel to it than the UK based one.


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