Pinterest: A New Social Media Platform or Another Addicting Website?

Recently many of my “friends” on Facebook or “followers” on Twitter have been discovering Pinterest… which is awesome. However, many people have tweeted or updated their statuses with a sentence like, “OMG i love Pinterest…so addcting” or “just spent 3 hours procrastinating on Pinterest instead of studying” While it is great to see more and more people I know using and loving Pinterest it leads one to question, is Pinterest just another addicting, distracting website? The answer is NO!!! Pinterest in a new social media platform according to the website Vertical Measures: Intelligent Internet Marketing. The website lists 3 distinct ways that Pinterest can be used other than as a distraction.

  1. Create a pinboard and invite some people in your online network.  Name the pinboard something like “Inspiring Social Media”. Make sure you set the pinboard so that multiple people can pin, instead of the default setting of “just me”.  Pin images you find interesting and helpful such as thislink building infographic. You can also re-pin (just like the retweet) anything you like. Finally, every time you pin an image, you may also choose to Tweet it or Facebook it. The benefits to this are endless and include:
    • Increasing creativity and idea sharing through pinning and browsing.
    • Finding new resources and sites through other’s pins.
    • Increasing your interaction on Twitter/Facebook by sharing a new pin.
    • Expanding your network because of new social media experts who want to join in on the pinning.
    • Saving time by pinning, instead of saving and emailing/uploading images.
    • Drive traffic to your blog by pinning images from your posts.
    • Acquire new backlinks, as every pin links back to the original image.
  2. Set up a pinboard for you and your clients.  Often times your clients want you to share images for them via their social networks, but you are unsure of exactly what kind of images they’d like and where to find them.  A pinboard would allow the client to pin images for you to share, and more importantly for you to get a feel for what they have in mind.  It would increase the lines of communication and you’d have a better understanding of what they mean by “creative”.
  3. Start a pinboard just for your agency.  At most internet marketing agencies, people are constantly saving and uploading images and infographics to share with each other. Either because someone thinks the image will be useful, or that it will simply spark creativity in the office.  Possibly even establish and design a board that isn’t just social media based, like this one on cool infographics. Setting up an office pinboard would save everyone some time, and I imagine it would also encourage more sharing.

I think all of these are great reasons that everyone should use Pinterest and not just to procrastinate or when they are bored but in order to market themselves or a business and expands one’s clientle.


2 Comments on “Pinterest: A New Social Media Platform or Another Addicting Website?”

  1. oliviagranat says:

    I think this kind of information is really helpful. I was first introduced to Pinterest through your presentation and I have seen how it has really picked up popularity in the social media world. Like you said, people are increasingly posting Pinterest finds on Twitter or Facebook, which got me into looking into it. But what you suggest is definitely useful, I’m definitely becoming intrigued to start using it.

  2. Alyssa Arnol says:

    As Olivia said in her comment, I had never heard of Pinterest until your presentation on it. Although I found it intriguing, I didn’t necessarily think of a need for it in my life. When just on the section blog, the title of your post caught my eye and I found this post really interesting. I remember you talking about the various social networking aspects to this website during your presentation. However, I don’t think I’d personally use such a site for this purpose and prior to this blog post I had considered that the main/only purpose (besides the obvious of posting pictures and creating pinboards for enjoyment). Now I know that social networking is only one purpose, as you’ve outline two other possible functional uses for this website. I could see businesses or agency’s really benefitting from a site like this, as it makes sharing this media very easy. Beyond just the professional domain, I could see the functionality of this site with very specialized interest groups. Overall, this blog post definitely opened my eyes to the various possible uses and purposes of this website, especially legitimate functions that I had never considered before.

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