My Day

Last night i went to the Big Ten Game so i was actually removed from technology longer than normal. Today however I used my iPhone, TV, and Computer. I just recently got the Iphone so I use less electronics now since it basically has everything in it. I am totally addicted though and downloaded apps and play games on it constantly. I watch a good amount of TV so that’s a standard computerized things i use almost daily. My computer also is something that is with me almost everywhere I go and is something i feel attached too. I don’t use an alarm clock because there is one on my phone. Before i got the phone i would have needed to use a clock, a calculator and my iPod as well as some other things but the phone has it all in one. I dont play video games or anything so i don’t use a game console. Basically TV, computer and phone are something I use every night. occasionally I use the microwave or a DVD player but not as daily as the 3 I named before.


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