More Time Spent on DailyStrength

Again, at the self-help website that I looked (Dailystrength) at I feel that I have spent ample time looking at posts and comments made on different users and have really gotten to see how interactions take place on this website. There are many other aspects that make a self-help website successful though so I decided to take a deeper look at these other aspects.  One part of this site is the health blog section where posts are made regarding different recipes explaining how to eat healthy, how to master portion control, and spiritual guidance among other things. I really like the recipe aspect of this website and it seemed that the users did as well. There was one post regarding a healthy chickpea recipe that was the most recent and there were many comments on this ranging from “yummy, can’t wait to try this” to “what a great high protein snack”. The users seemed to appreciate getting tips on how they can eat healthy. There was also a section on this site called expert answers where users were able to ask any question that they could think and have it answered by a specialist in that particular field. Questions were asked about the basics such as what is anorexia, to more complex topics about whether there is a link between biochemistry and eating disorders. I have included a screen shot of the question and answer to: who is at risk for anorexia.  Another section of this website is different treatment options, descriptions of each treatment, reviews made by different members, and the percentage that it helps most of the time. Here is an example of that: The first listed is psychotherapy (counseling), which is defined as “a range of techniques which use only dialog and communication and which are designed to improve the mental health of a client or patient or to improve group relationships (such as in a family).” Then there are the success rates for the treatment: 81% found this successful in helping them get over their eating disorder. Finally, different members leave comments regarding whether this method of treatment worked for them. An example of the first comment left regarding counseling as a treatment is, “I have gone to counseling a few times. My counselor is great and helps me keep things in perspective about the relationship.” Finally, the last section of this self-help website besides the discussion forum is a goal tab where users can post different goals they have for themselves on their road to recovery. What I found interesting about all of these different sections is that they were all still very much interactive with users still commenting one another and giving support to each other.


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