Keep track of what?!

Keep track of every computerized thing I use in an evening? Since we’re Comm Arts majors, this should be pretty easy. At the same time, it makes us aware of how much our lives revolve around these devices. Depressing. But satisfying.

Computerized things I used tonight:

1- iMac – 4 hours of video editing and streaming the Packer game

2- smartphone (droid) – checked bus radar to get around town

3- netbook – a few hours of working on grad school apps and writing this post

I’m sure there are a few little things I missed, like my oven, which have a small amount of computing technology built in.

The point is, the world is being designed to be “smart” so that more and more of our lives are integrated with computer technology. For me, that’s great! Bring it on! I’ll be able to pick our the bogus technology from the helpful stuff, but this is a problem for a lot of people who are not ready to embrace a world of computers. My belief is that younger generations will eventually have political control and build a “smart” world that older generations may fear.


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