Final Chats with the Senior Citizens

After looks at some message boards for my last post I decided to head back to the chat rooms to talk directly with some Seniors. I was upset when i went to my favorite group of people to chat with on and the website was down. I got this weird error pop up saying someone was trying to access my computer so I quit the screen and tried again. The same thing happened and then my browser basically shut down. I decided then to go to one of the other chat rooms I had been in before on This was the one that allows you to use video which really gives me the creeps. A few of the ‘seniors’ in the site openly admit to not being above 65 and i recieve a number of random video chat requests. I feel for the actual senior citizens who are just looking for people to talk to about thier days and lives, and have to encounter people like this. From chatting with actual senior citizens during this project I learned how big of a comfort these chat rooms can be, espcesially for the ones who are widowed and live alone. It btohers me that people would disrescpt a place like this where they could find comfort. Im happy though that there are sites like that allow these people to create a real online community. By talking with them i learned that they go on for hours at a time and really find true friends in a good chat like that one. I hope there are more sites out there that allow senior citizens to use the internet and benefit from finding online communities. 


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