December 4th tracking my usage of computerized things

So from 5 pm to 10pm on December 4th, I have used following items.

Item – the internet related activities

Blackberry (5hr) – Facebook App, Twitter App, Foursquare App, Google Maps (10min)

MacBook (2hr) – Facebook, Gmail, Learn@UW, skype (30min),, and so on…

My friend’s Samsung Laptop (30min) – Youtube, Facebook.

Basically my Blackberry allows me to stay connected to the internet world non-stop. So I don’t say I am on facebook during certain time period because I am on Facebook all the time when I carry my Blackberry. This smartphone is definitely changing my usage of the internet and everyone else’s. I only use my laptop when I need bigger interface and need to type a lot (like doing homework)

Right now, my blackberry is still on, doing this blog assignment with my macbook. My usage of computerized things doesn’t stop….


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