use of computerized things in one night

Last night, the only real computerized thing that I used was my actual computer. I was writing a paper for another class so I was on it virtually all night. Of course, it used it for many more things besides just writing to procrastinate. I was first of all using my computer to look up articles that I could use in my paper and various other research information on google and other search engines. This is one of the main ways that I use my computer on any night though and I cannot imagine not being able to simply go online and find research articles or having to go to a library to be able to research information for papers. I obviously did not just sit down and write my entire paper though. I was constantly checking both my facebook and twitter seeing what was going on in the social networking world. I also used my facebook to chat with different friends. I had started conversations with five friends over chat before my paper was completed. I love the chat feature on facebook because it allows my to stay in touch with friends and it is so much quicker then waiting to send texts back and forth. I also checked my favorite blogs on multiple occasions (barstool sports and perezhilton) and read through and caught up on them. I have a blackberry and I guess that can kind of be thought of as something computerized and I also used that throughout the night to check my e-mails and text. It does have the internet feature that I use quite often, but since I had a computer right in front of me throughout the night that really was not necessary.


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