My Evening…

Last night the computerized things that I used in an evening were my laptop, boyfriends iMac and PS3, my cell phone, TV, alarm clock, and microwave. I am pretty frequently on my computer whether it is for school related purposes or something else like Facebook, Hotmail, Youtube, etc., I check it a lot. Additionally, I used my boyfriends computer to work on editing a video for a class because the program only works with macs, and his is really big so it’s a lot easier to do that kind of thing on anyway. I used the Ps3 and TV to watch shows on Netfilx. Admittedly, I used it quite a bit last night because I’ve had a very hectic week up until then, so last night I kind of just relaxed and caught up on some episodes I’d been waiting to see. I also use my cell phone on a daily basis too. I don’t have a smartphone or even one with data like most people do, but I rely on it for texting my friends and sister mostly, and talking to my parents. I use one alarm clock on there also. I have an iHome that I use to set a back up alarm too, to make sure I get up because I wake up really early for work and my phone is unreliable. A lot of days I will use that to play music off of my ipod too, but not last night. I guess microwaves are also something that we don’t really think about being digital (but I would consider to be?) that I use on a regular basis.


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