What I Used in One Night…

Last night I used my iPhone, my computer and my apple TV. My iPhone comes with me everywhere. I am not proud to say it but I am very addicted to my cell phone. It not only is used as a phone, but also as an organizer, information source, calender, social networking device and weather update. I used my computer to do work and communicate with people. I was busy editing a paper all night while conversing with my best friend who is abroad in Barcelona. I am unable to talk to her on the phone so my computer is our only way to talk and connect right now. My computer contains all of my work for my classes and any other important other information I need. It holds all my music and photos. Lastly I used my apple TV, I received this device as a gift before I came to school this year and I have found it very useful. I love watching new TV series so I have been connecting it to Netflix. There is always something to watch on this computerized device, whether it is Netflix or apple TV products available to rent. All of my computerized “things” that I used last night helped me stay up to date on current events, stay well organized, and stay well connected. With each device I am never bored. I can be playing a game on my iPhone or computer or watch a TV show or movie on my apple TV. Modern technology has really changed the way of life for many consumers.


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