Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty is the mother load of wedding blogs.  While I adore the other two I am following, this is the best (in my opinion) for it has thousands of entries with every idea/color/theme/season/dress and etc. tagged.  Because everything is interlinked within the blog, there is a feature where you can build your own board to keep track of various pictures and ideas you personally liked.  While you need to register to make a board, which requires an email, the process was quite simple, and easily explained.

After logging in and picking a layout for your board, the fun then begins! By simply typing in a word or selecting a color, pictures of wedding ideas within the searched category appear.  Maybe I am a loser, but I thought this was the coolest thing ever (very similar to pinterest!)

Searching for "snow"

searching for a smokey blue color

One of my many boards- this is addicting!

Another unique aspect this blog has beyond the normal vender guides, inspiration photos and look books is a DIY section.  Here, detailed photos are posted and explanations for each project step by step.  A list of supplies is included, and sometimes even a pdf for more complex crafts.  This feature is important I feel for it allows a viewer to directly re-create an idea, rather than just guessing and copying an image.

Beyond all things wedding being tagged, cities are too!  In fact, there is a whole section that links you to local bloggers within a certain city.

Given that almost everything worth searching is tagged, I decided to search for “Madison”, and to my surprise, got a decent number of “real wedding” posts.  Here, like in OMG I’m Getting Married, the blog authors post the photos and description.  This wedding took place last winter, and definitely has a “Madison” feel to it!

The Great Hall in Memorial Union!

A Union Buster Bride!

After realizing how technical this blog is compared to the others due to all the tagging and linking within the blog, I can see why it is so popular, and featured in various magazines.  Part of the reason I think this one seems more professional is because the blog is the authors job, while the other two blogs I am following are hobbies.  Also, the initial founder of this blog has a computer specialist working full time- her husband!  Given what we have been discussing in class with accessibility and knowledge of technology, I have a greater appreciation for the inter-workings of this blog (as well as the others) for I understand just how much work and effort are put into these, and all for people to visit them for free!


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