More Time Spent on Project Shapeshift

Now that I understood the basics and took the time to go through and read the posts and comments that were left at the pro-ana site that I have been looking at, I feel like I have a better understanding as to what the users are trying to get from visiting this website. It really just seems like they want a place where they feel as if they belong, and where they have someone to listen to them and it is sad that they have turned to this type of site to find this. Since I have spent a good amount of time looking at the different posts made by users I decided to focus more on the thinspiration part of the forum because this seemed the most different from the self-help website that I also looked at. The thinspiration part of the forum was actually quite disturbing. I have posted pictures from what the users call “model thinspiration” and these were easily the most tame (that is the only word I can think to use to describe them) of all of them.

Basically, what thinspiration can be described as are just users posting pictures of either themselves or others to try and inspire users of this forum to reach their thin ideal. Most models are obviously thin to begin with, but all of the pictures of them posted on this site were especially thin, all with bones intruding outward. The weirdest thinspiration that they had was called “reverse thinspiration”. Now, this was the opposite of what I expected to have on this website as there were instead pictures of morbidly obese people and different quotations alongside them preaching at these young adolescents not to end up like this. I posted one of the quotes that I found on the reverse thinspiration part of the site, but again I felt as if the pictures of the obese individuals would be a little much for this blog.

This thinspiration section of pro-ana websites is one of their most defining characteristics and from what I have observed plays an exceptionally prominent role in keeping people coming back to these websites. There were at least three or four sets of thinspiration pictures posted on a daily basis. Users also would comment on different set of thinspiration pictures with similar ones of their own and make comments on how “beautifully thin” these women were or how inspired they were by the picture another user had posted.


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