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I must say I am sad that my days of browsing wedding blogs for homework are over.  Never did I think that I could turn a leisurely pastime of mine into a class project!

With that said, I just wanted to show everyone what came up as my first hit under my google search of “Wedding Blogs”:

Thats right- one of the blogs I followed, “Style Me Pretty”!

Posting on Wikipedia was a little difficult for me.  For whatever reason, editing is now allowed under the “blog” wikipedia page.  I guess there are various levels of protection on Wikipedia, something I didn’t know about.  I just assumed that it was 100% peer edited, but I guess I am wrong!

Because I couldn’t edit the blog page, I tried to see if there was a “wedding blog” page, and as I figured there is not.  So, I decided to create a new topic under the blog page, titled “diversity of blogs”.  This is acutally an interesting feature in wikipedia, and is something I didnt know of before.  When searching “blog”, instead of viewing teh article page, you can click on the discussion tab at teh top left.  This page is where visitors can post suggestions to what should be added to the “locked” blog article, and list improvements they have. I happend to be number 25… So I suppose there is some work to be done on the blog article!

List of suggestions made by Wikipedia visitors to the "Blog" article

While I am a little sad I couldn’t actually post something into an actual article, it would be neat if my suggestion for a new topic, “Diversity of Blogs” actually made it through!


Wikipedia’s Newest Addition

Editing a Wikipedia page never came to mind until this semester, I always thought it was for certified experts. But in reality, Wikipedia is a collection of information from regular people, like me, who just happen to know a thing or two about certain topics. For this reason, it truly embodies the idealized phenomenon of collective intelligence. Wiki pages give regular people the ability to share previously useless information with the world, making rote memorization unnecessary. This type of website encourages democratic online participation and web use. As Danny said earlier in the semester, I think Wikipedia is a great starting point for topical research. So, it is important to keep its information up to date.

For example, I updated the social news Wikipedia page by adding affordances websites such as Digg, Fark, Reddit, and Delicious give users and  their resulting benefits to the community. I also added some information to the general descriptions of Digg and Reddit on this page under “Popular Social News Sites,” including features of the comment section, the social networking aspect of Digg, and the ability to earn “karma” on Reddit. This addition gives users a better understanding of the functions of social news sites.

Social News Wikipedia Addition

I updated Digg’s page on Wikipedia to include the websites ability to delete stories it does not feel fitting for the audience. While it doesn’t happen often, users have complained about this recently and in the past. I also noted the social networking aspect of the website, due to the personalized profile, the ability to follow and have followers, and the story view tracker.

Social News Wikipedia Page Addition

Wikipedia also encouraged me, as a view of this page, to discuss the option of merging this page with Digg Patriot’s. While I believe Digg Patriots could be included on Digg’s Wikipedia page, as a recent phenomenon on the website, not all people who use Digg, use it to express politically conservative ideas. I noted this accordingly.

Digg Addition Under "Features"

Unfortunately, the Reddit Wikipedia page is Semi-locked and my account status prevents me from adding relevant information. However, if I was able to post, I would add that Reddit downvotes stories until they’re gone. This means each vote is weighted equally. Also, Redditors have the ability to earn Karma for their active participation and involvement. Lastly, as part and parcel to the community aspect of Reddit, users often celebrate their “Reddit birthday,” something I found particularly interesting. I would compile these aspects of the website to the social news wiki page, but some of the detail is irrelevant to a general overview.

Although I posted these additions a few days ago, they are still there! I was expecting them to be changed, or deleted, but to my surprise and delight, they have not been touched, which is a very good feeling.

Amazon Review Wiki

So the original wiki for amazon reviews looked like this:

When I added my input, it looked a little something exactly like this:

Catch the difference? No? Well, maybe you should get better glasses, because I added a whole sentence. “If a review is given enough “helpful” hits, it appears on the front page of the product.” Brilliant stuff. I also changed “an optional Badging option” to “a Badging option” because an optional option is repetitive (I don’t think “Badging” is a word, but what eves).

I had thought about adding something about the unfair way “helpful” hits are often appalied to high star rated reviews, but it would be too hard to explain and it may just be my opinion of it. So yeah, there you go. I hope this has been a learning experience for all of you who read my blog posts.

My Future with Amazon Reviews

So I believe I’ve covered every technical thing I can with Amazon reviews in my previous posts. My current state on reviews is around 164,000, which is a good 2,000 lower then I was last time. This is due mostly to inactivity and no reviews added until today. Today, of course, I’ve written five more, making my review count 20 and hopefully raising my ranking just a little bot more. As before, I’ve continued to write about films and am genuinely curious if anyone else will find them helpful. Just have to wait and see, I guess.

As for my future with Amazon review, I think I’ll continue on, at least for now. My goal is to get 100 reviews in by the end of January and without school in the way, I think I’ll reach it. I also want to reach the coveted Top 500 reviewer mark. A lofty goal, I know, but for just one day I want to be placed among reviewing gods. A man can dream. I will try to go more in depth and branch out a little as well, honing my Reviewing skill until, hopefully getting more “helpful” harks to tell me what I should keep on doing.

Amazon Reviews has become a fun little hobby where I can put my general opinions of things, and people will actually read it (hopefully). I would strongly encourage people to participate in these reviews. At the very least, you could find my reviews “helpful” 🙂

Who’s Making Sounds in the Cloud?

There are multiple types of people who use Soundcloud use it to post their own music and or in some cases news. The vast majority of individuals produce electronic music such as Dubstep, House, Hiphop, and Trance – but other genres exist, such as Indie Rock, Funk, and Folk although their presence is minimal. This was the reason for the formation of my group Sad Bastard Music two months ago. It has seen steady growth and within those two months its numbers have climbed up to close to eighty members. There are others who use the site, specifically groups of people or organizations who have long been establish such as NPR and Music Labels that have their own pages. Large and small existing bands that were in the business before Soundcloud ever existed have a strong presence on the platform as well.

In my explorations of the Cloud, I stumbled upon a type of genre of music called “IDM” which is an acronym for “Intelligent Dance Music.” This seemed to resonant with me a bit more than any of the other types of groups of musicians I stumbled upon. With my engagement with people who frequent these types of groups, they mostly use a program called Abelton Live, which allows for basically live performance composition with the ability to record what you adjust in real-time and then go back and edit that recorded composition. Most favor a sound I would call post rock minimalist electronica.

Final Twitter Post

It seemed fitting that when I went on Twitter this morning I noticed that it had been updated to a new version. The new version is noticeably different, seeing as the Twitter feed is now on the right hand side, and all other information, including follower requests, and trends are listed on the left hand side. In addition, the area to post a tweet is also on the left hand side, whereas before it was located on top of the twitter feed. Additionally, when I updated my Twitter for iPhone app a few days ago, I noticed that the interface of the app had noticeably changed as well. The symbols/buttons are the same for both applications so they have very similar representations. I also think it gives the site a much more clean and digital-type look.


Moreover, it’s interesting to think about how Twitter will continue to change in the future. I can’t even imagine what Twitter will look like in years from now, and what kinds of features have been added. I think about how Facebook has evolved and changed drastically over the years and I really think the possibilities are endless for social networking sites.

And I have to admit, I never thought I would jump on the Twitter bandwagon, but I’m really happy that this project forced me to do so. I couldn’t imagine my life without Twitter, seeing as it has become the main way that I access information on a day-to-day basis. I also have found that I like Twitter much more than Facebook and have replaced my preference of Facebook with Twitter. While don’t tweet every day or even very often, I check my Twitter feed multiple times throughout the day and reply to any @ mentions that I get from my friends. I have obtained 53 followers and am currently following 98 accounts. So slowly but surely I am constructing my networked invidualism and online identity, which will only continue to expand in the future.

Second Life Wikipedia

I have never added to a Wikepedia page before so this was very much a learning experience for me. I went back and forth about what I wanted to post about and finally decided to edit the Popular Culture portion of the Wikipedia page for Second Life. When I clicked edit I was immediately brought to a different page. The page gave very few instructions but there was a text box and different buttons that I could click to help with my page. However, on the top of the page there was a yellow box that I read very carefully. The picture is below.

I was nervous about the part that said “you IP address with be recording publicly in this page’s edit history.” I was unaware of what that meant but the first thing that popped into my head was my own privacy. I was unsure if that information meant that Wikipedia would have access to stuff on my computer. I figured that since we are doing this for a class all of my thoughts were probably wrong. So I went ahead and created my contribution to the page.

Above is my contribution in the editing stage. I was able to add a link.

I pressed “save page” and after a minute the page restarted and I had to do one more step before the page could be fully posted.

I had to type out the word “tubertends.” I was surprised that there was not an “enter” button on the page and I just had to press “enter” on my computer’s keyboard. Finally the editing portion was completed and my contribution was on the page.

My contribution says: “The series True Life did an episode that involved Second Life. The episode called “True Life: I Have Another Life on the Web,” aired in 2008 and followed three people who have alter egos online that greatly differ from who they are in reality. Amy used Second Life and she had two avatars, or alter egos. The first is named Keiko, an avatar that resembles her, and her second alter ego is Mama Shepard, a 38 year old widow, who owns and operates a virtual bakery. Amy was completely involved in her virtual world. Ben Rosen, the producer of this True Life episode, explained that Second Life houses a lot of people obsessed with their “other lives” in this virtual world ( With its own currency, job opportunities, and shopping options, Second Life allows for endless possibilities for avatars and endless opportunities for the people playing on Second Life.”

The URL is not in the post because I was able to imbed the citation. My citation is number 117.

This is the URL for the Pop Culture portion of the page: