Adding New Venue to Foursquare

Adding a New Venue or Fake Venue on Foursquare is easy .

So I’ve decided to add a Fake Venue named “I love the Internet.”

First, you have to make a search for this place. If the search results are not satisfying, you can click “Add this Venue” at the bottom ofthe list.








Then, it allows you to add detailed information about the place.

So the name of the place is “I love the Internet.” Its category is Theme Park in Art&Entertainment section, and its address is 1234 State Street.









So the place is added!! Now you can check-in to that new venue.









Actually you can earn more points by doing this. If you come up with really funny name for a place, add the place then it will exsit on Foursquare.

Land of Whatever, which I made for just a quick experiment, is still on the venue list.









You can be a mayor of your own imaginary place by checking-in to the place a lot. The chances are high since only you know the place. Your friends can check in too.
I think this kind of feature may allow some deceitful jokes by fake businesses or shady individuals.. but I found this very interesting and fun to do.



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