WoW Presentation Questions

Hey All,

I was thinking about how I play WoW, and how I’ve been making posts on the course blog, but I haven’t really discussed my interactions with other players and how they game, which is what this short post will be about.

Of the other players in WoW I have encountered, I can identify at least three different types: beginner, casual, and hardcore.

Beginners are the noobs who are still trying to figure things out, so their skill level is relatively low. The amount of time they dedicate can range from only 30 minutes a day to 8 hours a day. They play mostly for the gaming experience since they may not have many online friends when they first join. Once beginners reach an intermediate level, they either become hardcore or casual gamers.

Casual players have most of WoW figured out and play for the enjoyment of the social or gaming experience. Casual players play on average less than 3 hours a day, often not everyday of the week. I definitely fit into this category.

Hardcore players have mastered the skills of WoW. They can play anywhere from 1 hour-12 hours per day, and often marathon for up to 24 hours straight. Hardcore players are mostly just obsessed with the game for either the social or interactive experience, but some hardcore gamers play WoW for supplemental income by leveling other peoples’ characters in exchange for money. Hardcore players are also more competitive; they not only quest, but play in realms that are for player versus player (PvP) action – the battle mode of WoW which reflects on a player’s gaming record.

Here are some questions to think about for the interactive media presentation tomorrow:

– how do games like WoW and WWF (words with friends) blur the line between the self and the virtual self?

– how can the depth of play in WoW relate to its user base? Think about race, gender, class, etc., and how aspects of WoW might carry over into RL (real life).

Thanks for reading!


One Comment on “WoW Presentation Questions”

  1. joegoad says:

    In response to your first question, I think that’s a concern with a lot of the public have with video games in general. The fact that they suck you in and waste your life (this is the concern, not my belief). Lot’s of movies and shows poke fun at this, often showing the nerdy guy as a loser for spending too much time playing video games. That South Park WoW episode is a good example of this.
    Oddly, there are some counter examples as well, such as the show “The Guild” and the Film “Ben X”. Both of these examples show video games as a way of linking people together, of expanding ones world and making someone who is down in real life feel at least a little bit more worth.
    I’m not sure which view is more accurate and I know it isn’t really answering you question, but it’s food for thought.

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