Words With Friends Progress + Questions

As my gameplay has progressed, I have been interacting more with people I have not talked to in a while. I recently started new games with facebook friends who I have not spoken to in a while. The chatbox was very useful to catch up with eachother. The different ways to connect to people creates this community. Words With Friends is so interactive that many who do not play can feel left out of this community. My best friend is not very good at words with friends and therefore hates playing it. She always says how she wishes she could like the game because she feels left out. This is one way how Words With Friends can be proven to have its own community now.

Another thing I decided to look at was the ways people could cheat when playing Words With Friends. I actually found out that there is an app you can download that looks exactly like Words With Friends but helps you come up with words to beat your opponents. I have yet to download this game since it costs 1.99 and I do not like cheating. I have been informed that you will not realize when this app is being used. There are also many websites that can help people cheat with this game. People have become so competitive that cheating is the solution for them to win. This makes this game a little unethical.

Here is an example of an online source that can help you cheat:


Questions for my project:

  • Do you think Words With Friends would have been just as successful if it was just a pass and play game?
  • Have you seen anyone interact socially over Words With Friends?
  • Do you think that Words With Friends has created its own little community out of this network game?

2 Comments on “Words With Friends Progress + Questions”

  1. sampanitch says:

    The question regarding whether we have ever seen people interact socially regarding words with friends reminded me of the guest lecturer we had about female in video games and the comment she made about how females use video games (I think words with friends was one of the examples of games females use the most) in order to interact socially with their friends, not while playing the game, but in other social situations where they can have conversations about the games. I think this is the case with words with friends overall. I have heard many conversations where people talk about what a great word they used in this game or how they have beaten so and so, x amount of times. So I definitely have seen people interact socially regarding this game and think it is very prevalent for people our age to not only talk about this video game, but many others as well.

  2. oliviagranat says:

    I agree that Words With Friends definitely has its own community. The makers of the game have also created a game called Hanging With Friends, that features many of the same features of WWF. Many players/fans from the WWF community have started to play this game, so it definitely shows the group following and reinforces the social aspect because you are playing against another person (most likely the ones you have played against on WWF). It also just goes to show how successful this game has become.

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