Senior Citizen Message Boards

Instead of going into a chat room for this post i decided to research how senior citizens participate in message boards. Some of the same websites i go on to chat offer different types of forums and message boards, but i found i liked the AOL message boards the best. From my research i discovered that Senior Citizens discuss up to anything on these boards. Some typical threads include disease, health insurance, housing, recipes, book clubs, and just day to day life. I viewed one where the woman clearly took to the message board often to complain about someone on her family named Jerry. From her post I couldn’t tell what their relation was perhaps her son or grandson. During Thanksgiving last week a lot of users took to the boards to exchange recipes or discuss different cooking tips or Thanksgiving traditions. Just like the chat room, its clear these senior citizens use the internet to interact with others and find friends through these different types of communications. The chat rooms seems like more of a support group, while the message boards can be used more to exchange helpful tips and ideas. One board i found really cute was a woman posted about how her mother and other mothers of that time used to cook the Thanksgiving turkey all throughout the night. The rest of the users commented back and all reminisced about the good old days. I think a lot of Senior Citizens who use the internet don’t have that many people to talk to and enjoy getting feedback and hearing about old memories. Some of them may not have any friends left their age and the internet allows them to broaden their communication to people they may not know in their day to day lives.


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