OMG part II

Something I have noticed during this project and visiting “OMG I’m getting married” has been the extensive use of various social media sites.  Embedded throughout the blog, it is as though you are asked to further interact with the site, having it enter your world of Facebook, twitter, emails, etc. This in an odd way creates more of a “community” or bonded feeling with the blog.  I not only interact with “OMG I’m getting married” on the actual site, but am constantly in touch with it through my Facebook feed and twitter.

By using the diverse social media elements, they act as constant reminders of the blog, and in turn keep people visiting the site. While I am following the “OMG I’m Getting Married” blog on twitter and Facebook, I have noticed that the author uses the social networking sites for her personal life.  At first I was confused about this, and was a bit frustrated that she took forever to accept my requests on Facebook and twitter.  I then realized however that this is simply a hobby for her, not her job, so I understood perhaps why she didn’t reply to the majority of comments on her blog, Facebook page, or tweets.

Below is an example of a facebook post that links viewers to her blog.  Also, you can see that the author posts and writes about her friends- sharing their weddings, photos, and stories.  

Here is a screen shot from the blogs facebook page.  Being that it was a post about chocolate, I had to check out the blog, commenting on the delicious looking cakes!  Thanks to “Chocolate Week” in October, I baked an amazing cake, and shared this post with a friend via Facebook.

Another unique feature to the blog is the “Folksonomy” element, which we discussed in lecture.  Here, visitors to the blog can “OMG” it, a feature similar to “like” on Facebook.  This created a user generated hierarchal system of favorites within the site, arising from the users themselves.  Besides the “OMG” feature at the bottom of every post, there are also likes to other sociable/sharing elements- such as stumble upon, delicious, digg, etc.


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